The Most Annoying Things Each Zodiac Sign Does When They’re In Love

Most people like to think that they’ve got their life together. They know themselves well, and are in control of their emotions. However, everyone goes a little bit mad when they fall in love. We start acting irrational, say things we don’t mean, do stuff we never would’ve done normally. So let’s take a look at some of the most annoying things each Zodiac sign does when they’re in love.



The most annoying thing Aries can do when they’re in love is move to fast. They fall in love too quickly and often get burned by rejection. Same happens to them when they try to move on from their crush too quickly. It all ends in heartbreak and embarrassment. However all this can be avoided if they just slow down a little and take one step at a time instead of rushing everything all the time.



Taurus folk are pretty stubborn on a daily basis, and you think once they fall in love they would ease up a bit. On the contrary, they become even more stubborn and set in their ways, which often leads to a lot of fights. They’re never one to back down in an argument, which can be pretty annoying and embarrassing.

Geminis generally have no problem being single, they are comfortable being alone because they can entertain themselves pretty easily. Plus, they never have a problem flirting with people, or going on casual fun dates. However, once they actually enter a relationship, the most annoying thing they can do is not appreciate the person they’re with. They have this notion that routine is boring and everything has to be fun and exciting all the time. So they often tend to undermine the person they’re with and even lose a good guy because they feel suffocated in a relationship.



When in love, Cancers can become incredibly needy and clingy, they want constant attention and validation, and when they don’t get it, they start doubting if they’re really loved. They also become incredibly fragile and easily hurt, so telling them that they’re being clingy will rarely solve the problem, it’ll just offend them.

Leo’s love the idea of being in love, and when they fall for someone, they fall hard. However, they also love being the center of attention, and when they realize that they have to share that spotlight with someone, it really throws them for a loop. They start acting selfishly and being arrogant, expecting everything to be about them. Female Leos expect to be treated like a queen, and when they’re not, they act out.



Virgos are quiet and shy people, and when they fall in love that problem only grows. It can take them forever to actually get a date, because they will awkwardly dodge all suggestions to go out on a date, without realizing what they’re doing. On top of that, when they actually get into a relationship, they tend to easily settle into a routine that is more suitable for an old married couple.

Libras are generally quite chill and calm, they avoid conflict, but are great mediators in arguments. It’s in their nature to seek balance and peace. However, when they’re in love they can become quite indecisive, which is obviously incredibly annoying. A simple decision such as what to have for dinner or what movie to watch can render them helpless, because they’re trying to take into account both their wishes and predict the wishes of their partner. They also tend to get serious with their relationships very quickly.



Scorpios are very sensitive people. They don’t mean to be, but they just can’t help themselves. When they fall in love they tend to open up immediately and keep talking about how they feel. Which is fine if they’re just expressing their love, but they often go way further. They start over analyzing every action of their partner and then proceed to overshare about how every single thing makes them feel. They also become incredibly jealous. If they can’t find a real reason for being jealous, they will manage to over-analyze something and find one.

Sagittarius folks tend to be free spirits, always looking for adventure and unwilling to settle down. So when they fall in love they treat it the same way, they want to do everything together and have as many experiences with their crush as possible. That often leads to them getting bored quite quickly and flake on their partner.



Capricorns are natural leaders, they’re usually career driven and don’t care that much about romance. They prefer to be logical and have their emotions totally under control. Which might make them seem a bit too cold when it comes to the matters of the heart. However, when they fall in love everything changes. They become too open too quickly and the person they’re in love with becomes the center of their universe, and they’re ready to give up anything for them. That can be rather embarrassing, considering it’s a complete 180 from their usual self.

Aquarius men and women are actually very different in their approaches when it comes to love. Men are more likely to be rather shy and reserved when they have a crush on someone, they probably will struggle to make the first step or behave awkwardly, struggle to say the right thing. Aquarius girls, on the other hand are rather confident and wouldn’t hesitate to be the first to ask a guy out. That’s very cool if the guy they’re into finds that hot, but some guys find that kind of confidence a bit scary.



Both male and female Pisces are huge worriers. The most annoying thing they do when they’re in love is worry about everything and question every single thing they say or do. Sure, it’s good to be cautious, think before you speak and consider the consequences of your actions, but Pisces really take it to a whole new level.