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What Kind Of Boyfriend You Need, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Finding an amazing boyfriend is something that many women dream about, but we all have our unique sense of self, which requires something a little different. Here’s what we recommend for each Zodiac sign.


You need a man that can handle a strong and very passionate woman, and is as obsessed with you as you are with him, unapologetically. Your man should make your life more exciting rather than holding you back. He is spontaneous and loves to grow and self-expand through exploration and adventures, but also respects your freedom.



You need a guy that knows every little nook and cranny of your soul (as well as what makes you tick), and appreciate their friends and family. You need a guy with patience that won’t be pushy but will provide comfort and warmth that you rarely find in other men. He’ll leave you sweet notes on the mirrors and always keep his promises, plus is faithful in the extreme.


Gemini gals can get bored easily, and it’s hard to find a guy on their level. You need one that can pass all your communication and intelligence tasks who appreciates your fun loving side as well. A Gemini’s BF should understand and read you, as well as keeping you entertained at boring social events.



You need a man who understands the nuances of your moods and is always your “person” when life becomes complicated or overwhelming. He loves how you’re so in touch with your emotions and takes care of the little things as well as being super attentive to every little thing. He loves your quirks and dislikes since they’re part of you.

A Leo woman is totally strong and needs a man who truly knows himself and is sexily self-assured, making everyone around him feel at ease. He needs to be logical, self-aware, and also stand up for what he believes in. He believes in moderation and challenges you in the best way possible.



A Virgo won’t give up when the going gets hard – he’ll stick through all those ups and downs which is what an anxious and vulnerable gal like you needs. He will remove that anxiety, never play games, and stay up all night to talk if you want to. He makes you feel truly excited about life and his priority is staying connected to you.



The man a Libra falls for won’t just date to date. He understands your loving heart and has the maturity to embark on a relationship which has a future. He’d never want to change you or your lifestyle – just be a part of it. He won’t infringe on your privacy or friendships and instead, your friends and family will fall for his charm. He should be open-minded and non-judgemental, with respect and good listening skills.



Scorpio, you need a man to take care of you, both in and out of the bedroom, who can always put a smile on your face and provides a laugh. He should add thrilling and new things to your life but he should also have maturity and laughs in the absurdity of the human body during sex and other occasions, rather than getting embarrassed or acting like a child.

You need a man that laughs but is equally serious about loyalty and staying faithful. You need a guy who is secretly a kid at heart but can handle a woman. He loves your optimism but also appreciate you on the bad days, and is supportive of everything you do. He allows you to laugh at yourself, and won’t get stressed out by a long-term relationship since you enjoy traveling alone.



Capricorns don’t need a man, but they still wish they had one that was on their level. You need someone who understands your hurt and guarded heart who will help break those walls down, while encouraging self-care. He should bring softness to your life without distracting your ambition, or trivializing career aspirations. He envisions the same or similar future as you, ideally.


Your ideal man skips the small talk and provides intellectual chats, along with supporting your ambition and independence. He will make you feel vulnerable in the best way possible and you can put all your trust in him. He should be tolerant of your music, TV, and film interests, which will be a great way for the two of you to bond.



A Pisces woman needs a guy who is romantic and perhaps a little old fashioned, proving that chivalry isn’t dead. He’s passionate about learning your world view and sharing his own without forcing anything on you. He won’t make fun of you if you’re upset or offended about something, and thinks carefully about his words, always taking what you say seriously.