What To Say To A Guy – 10 Ways To Easily Spark Conversation

With so many gadgets taking most of our attention all the time, it seems to be really hard to spark an actual real-life conversation these days. We are long past the times when guys were expected to be the first ones to approach a woman and talk to her. Right now girls can do that as well and not feel weird about it. Nevertheless, it takes courage making that first step, and just like guys we get nervous and don’t know what to say. Here are 10 easy and, dare we say, effortless ways to spark a conversation with a guy.



Make a compliment
This might be a bit straightforward for some of you girls out there, but making a compliment is actually the easiest way to get his attention and will most definitely make him smile. We all like compliments and guys are no different. Pick something you like about him – a tee with a cool print or his tattoo – and go for it!



Ask for something
Whether it’s a recommendation of what film to watch, directions, or a nearby place with good coffee, asking about something is a cool and effortless way to start a conversation. You’ll be able to tell immediately whether he’s interested to continue your chat or not. And if it’s coffee you are after, you can ask him out right away!

Talk about the weather
Okay, talking about weather can easily go dull, but only if it’s the same old weather everyone is used to. If it’s a storm or an unexpected rain, then go ahead and strike a conversation. It’s not the best start, but it’s not the worst either.



Go for the pet
If the guy you like is in the park walking out his dog or just happens to be travelling with his cat – it’s the best topic for conversation ever! All people love their pets and can talk about them forever, so if you show interest in his pup it most definitely will grab his attention.

Brush past a guy
This can be awkward in so many ways, but if you’re comfortable with a little bit of touching – go ahead and brush by him, then turn around as if to apologize, make eye contact, and smile. It’ll be easy afterwards! If you charm him, a conversation will start naturally. And if not, you can simply go your way.



Make a suggestion
He may look lost in a crowd or simply troubled by something. Make a suggestion depending on the situation or simply offer your help. He will see you as his saviour and things will go smoothly from there.

Offer to bring him coffee
Or a doughnut, or a cake, or a burger, or whatever it is you are going out for. This works best if it’s a co-worker you like or the guy you’re studying with. If he agrees he’ll remember that you’ve done something nice for him. Next time he might do the same for you! You can also ask him to join you, which will make for a perfect mini-date.

Talk about the book he’s reading
This works best if you are into books and he’s actually reading one (duh). You may find yourself in the subway, library, or book store with a cute guy looking through a book. Even if you have no idea what it is about – just ask if it’s any good and worth buying. It’s as good a way to strike a conversation as any.



Tell him he looks like an actor
This might come off as a little bit cheesy, and you can easily turn it into a joke if need be, but there’s hardly any guy who won’t like it if you say he’s a spitting image of Ryan Gosling (or any gorgeous actor you like). Even if he laughs, you can admit that you simply wanted to start a conversation and see where you can go from there.

Simply introduce yourself
As crazy as it may sound, you can just come to him, introduce yourself, and see where it takes you. This requires some boldness, a considerable amount of eye contact, and the most charming smile you can come up with. If he likes you, you’ll find something to talk about. And if he’s not interested, well, at least you tried and won’t lie awake at night wondering about what might have happened.