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7 Times Superhero Actresses Were Also Heroines In Real Life

They are gorgeous, powerful, sensitive, emotional, and downright stunning in many ways. They are becoming role models for both young girls and adult women, inspiring them to become better and strive for more. More often than not women who play those superheroines are also amazing in real life.

7 Crazy Expensive Things Gal Gadot Has Bought | Her Beauty

7 Crazy Expensive Things Gal Gadot Has Bought

Since amassing her recent wealth, Gadot has been living a lavish, but private lifestyle. Though she has made great strides to keep her personal and professional lives separate, it is known that she has made some purchases that are quite pricey.

15 Iconic Movie Dresses You Wish You Could Wear

Whoever is in charge of dressing up people in movies they must know what they’re doing, because once in a while you’ll watch a movie and see a dress so beautiful you will become obsessed with it. So today let’s take a look at some iconic movie dresses that we never knew we always wanted.