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10 Harry Styles’ Best Fashion Moments

Harry Styles isn’t just a world-renowned pop star, actor, and hottie – he’s a fashion icon. A beacon of androgynous style, Harry has never shied away from a sassy painted nail or a floral blouse. And still, those boyish good looks serve us Leo DiCaprio meets David Bowie without fail, every time. Here are the best Harry Styles looks of all time – I mean, good taste is practically ingrained in his last name!

Young Celebs Are Starting A New Moustache Trend

It looks like there’s a new facial hair trend emerging amongst young celebs. It’s not a full-on beard, it’s not a handlebar moustache, it’s a little patchy scruffy look that will remind some of you of high-school boys who are just beginning to grow some fuzz on their face. But the difference here is that this time it’s done on purpose, it’s a look.