Meghan Markle – Her Beauty

The Internet Blames Meghan Markle For The Queen’s Death

The internet will really find any reason possible to blame Meghan Markle for whatever drama is going on in the Royal Family. When the Queen of England passed away on September 8, 2022. Although many people grieved this loss in an appropriate way, a couple of people online found a way to bring it all back to poor Meg. While some of the comments clearly have a humorous tone, others are more sinister.

20 Meghan Markle Quotes That Will Inspire You

If the Meghan and Harry interview taught us anything, it’s that this couple is nothing short of inspiring — especially Meghan, who completely faced challenge after challenge when she uprooted her life as an actress to become a duchess at Buckingham Palace.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

We often question celebrities. It’s quite common to hear rumors about whether some of them did or didn’t have plastic surgery, do they actually look like that or are they just good lighting and spanks and a great team of makeup artists and stylists. We’re pretty used to taking the whole Hollywood look with a grain of salt. But you know what most people rarely question?