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Celebs vs Katie Sturino – Style Inspo for Days

It’s still difficult to find the plus size versions of regular sized looks, especially in terms of celeb inspiration. We’re in desperate need of a plus size blogger who knows how to recreate those stars’ looks, and even tailor them to bigger gals. Luckily, the world gifted us with Katie Sturino.

The Tough Truth About Plus-Size Models In The Biz

We all know that beauty standards of the fashion world are changing as we speak, becoming more and more realistic, still it’s a challenging environment for normal-sized and bigger women. Here are a few tough truths no one told you about being a plus-size model in the biz.

9 Best Plus Size Winter Outfit Ideas

When winter comes around, we’re forced to bundle up into puffy jackets and other outerwear that makes us look like penguins. For plus size girls, it’s a seasonal dread that comes every year. Here are the best way to flatter your curves when temperatures drop.