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10 Vegan Brunch Ideas

As a vegan, brunch isn’t always the most exciting meal to indulge in. Especially in restaurants. For that reason, we suggest making your own vegan brunch at home. These DIY recipes will turn out way better than an overpriced alternative.

12 Ways to Turn Sweet Potatoes into Dinner

Sweet potatoes are affordable, a nutritional powerhouse, and they also happen to taste amazing. Whether they’re mashed, stuffed, roasted or baked, you won’t be able to get enough of these irresistible sweet potato recipes.

10 Best Movie Night Snack Ideas

When you’re having a movie night, you need the ultimate snacks on hand. Aren’t you tired of popcorn and candy? Go back to your childhood and Step up that movie marathon with these decadent appetizers that are impossible to put down.

12 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes Perfect for Fall

Fall is practically synonymous with pumpkin – lucky for us, it also has plenty of nutritional benefits, but we usually just favor the sugar-laden, processed ones that look tantalizing in bakery windows and billboards. Here are the tastiest pumpkin recipes to nourish you all through autumn and winter.