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10 Secrets from Eastern Women to Stay Young Forever

All women have their tried and true methods of looking after themselves and these methods tend to vary from country to country. It’s great to have your own secrets but it’s always a good idea to learn from others and incorporate that knowledge into your life.

15 Natural Remedies Indian Women Use For Flawless Skin

We all have those acne-ridden days where we’re flipping through magazines, hoping to emulate that gorgeous, barely-there look without feeling insecure. Magazines might use Photoshop, but Indian women have been using natural remedies for years, keeping them looking as youthful as ever.

DIY Face Mask

Top Best DIY Face Masks You Need To Try

Every girl dreams about having beautiful, glowing skin. Your skin is a key component of overall beauty and confidence. And how to make it look fresh and bright every day? One of the most popular skin care products are facial masks. Nowadays, there are plenty...