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7 Easy Salads to Try This summer

With summer in full swing, it’s time to start eating foods that will fuel you through the warmer weather. It’s great to eat foods during the hot temperature that will keep you feeling full but light and agile.

How To Style A Skirt This Summer

If you’re unsure of how to rock this garment in 2021, there are tons of style tips for both contemporary and vintage-inspired looks to flex your feminine side this summer.

How to Eat In A Heatwave: 15 Main Rules

Many of us don’t have an appetite at all in very hot weather. This is because our body is attempting to regulate its temperature by reducing digestion, which generates heat in the body. To keep your cool as the weather soars beyond 30 Celsius, follow these nutritionist-vetted tips.

Bohemian Summer: How to Wear the Boho Trend Right

If you like the bohemian esthetic, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, and want to look like a chic 2020 boho girl, and not like an 80s hippie – here are a couple of tips on what’s in trend and how to wear it right.