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8 Moves To Workout Every Day

Here are the most essential moves that can be completed (and modified) by all energy and fitness levels. They can all be done without any equipment.

12 Best Post-Workout Foods

A tough workout means you need proper nutrition afterwards — after all, your muscle glycogen needs to be replenished, since it’s depleted during exercise.

Workouts According to Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the right type of workout or sport generally depends on your personality, especially if you’re trying to find something you’ll stick with and not quit in a week or so. How about picking a workout based on your Zodiac sign?

12 HIIT Workout Moves For Bad Knees

All of us want to get in a sweaty workout and feel like we did our best, but sometimes, weak joints get in the way. High impact exercises are great for our hearts, but with physical impairments such as knee, ankle or back injuries, a lot of people can’t do the jumps, runs, or jerky direction changes that others can. Here are moves that won’t sacrifice safety for intensity.