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7 Interior Decoration Trends You Should Forget


Decorating your living area is always a challenge. You want it to look good, you want it to represent who you are as a person, you want it to be functional, and you also want it to be #OnTrend. To help you with this, here are 7 trends in interior decoration that are dead.



1. Curtains
Curtains are over. Your grandparents could have been all about heavy curtains to protect their privacy, but the trend now is having a lot of natural light in your room. Your best options are A) no curtains at all or B) very light curtains that diffuse the light instead of blocking it out completely. The secondary benefit of this trend towards a no-curtain life, is that you save a lot of money. For something as simple as cloth that you drape over your windows, curtains are really expensive. Use that surplus money to buy framed pictures (but not too many) or great furniture (but not too much). More on this later.




2. Two-color schemes
For a very long while choosing two key colors for your flat and sticking to them was a huge trend. My mother’s apartment and the one I’m currently renting followed that rule to a T. All the walls were covered with a solid color, plus there was matching furniture, plus there were several items of one, single other color as “accent pieces” that caught your eye when you entered a room. This trend is officially over. Now you can feel free to go with more colors, a single color (white is very trendy), and have the complete freedom to choose colors and layouts that accentuate your personality, how you feel, and what environment makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Matching Wood
I think this one is the direct result of what it means to be a #Millennial. Wooden furniture is expensive, so now we’re seeing a lot of pick-and-mix IKEA furniture of different colors, textures, and materials. It’s no longer trendy to make your flat look like your grandfather’s study room – all dark wood and leather bound books. “IKEA Modern” is OK!

4. Symmetry
This yet another one that my family is guilty of. But now your rooms don’t need to be symmetrical. Just like symmetrical faces look really awkward, symmetrical rooms seem kind of off key as well. Try to play around with the positioning of your furniture, and focus on the functionality of your layout rather than its aesthetic appeal. Consider your living habits, and place your furniture in a way that compliments them rather than restricting them.

5. Art Everywhere
Remember when framed posters and family pictures and tacky waterfall art was all the rage? I’m glad that’s not a thing anymore. It’s no longer important to make your house look like it’s an art gallery or (what’s even worse) a museum. Go for art that underscores your individuality and art that you actually enjoy.

6. Lots of Furniture
The “must have” set up of a large couch, two armchairs, and a coffee table is no longer a must have. Right now, all you need is what you actually… well… need. If all you do in your living room is watch movies and lounge – a TV and a few comfortable couches is all you need. If you like to host parties, keep your living area uncluttered so that people can mingle. It’s all about functionality now.

7. Thinking You’re Done
And finally, you are no longer required to sticking to the same style for five or ten years at a time. As soon as your financial or living situation changes – feel free to completely change the way your flat or house looks. You’re no longer “locked in” to the initial setup of your furniture and colors and styles. With eBay and craigslist it’s really easy to get rid of furniture and items you no longer need, and the money saved on those will help you buy new furniture that helps you create a style that compliments your mood.