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Lady Gaga’s New Style Is Absolutely Breathtaking


Lady Gaga used to be known for wild fashion antics that looked more like performance art pieces than a style statement. Raw meat dresses, anyone? Luckily, the new Gaga is much more refined.



Like this understated Jackie O look, with a blue smokey eye and an up-do that brings us back to the 60s. The detail on the shoes is simply gorgeous, and this is a hot day to night transition look.



Gaga really looks like Donatella Versace, here! Ok, maybe there are a few too many ruffles (not sure how this would go at the dinner table), but it’s still very fierce and looks like a music video.


Wow, we never thought we’d see gaga in a simple tulle, pastel dress with slingback stilettos! How normal of her! Her classic Gaga radiance still shines through, and it’s clear that the Amy Winehouse up-do is here to stay, for now.


This isn’t exactly our favorite new Gaga look, but it’s clear that she’s harking back to older times with this plaid suit. Maybe not the most flattering to her banging bod, but at least the colours and clutch are chic.




We have a feeling that the big box stores are going to be replicating this stunning tweed minidress. Sort of like First Lady meets Britney, and we are obsessed. Plus, it goes beautifully with that teased out hair, and we can tell Stefani is feeling herself.


Another 60’s ensemble arrives with a slightly more relaxed look, bought to life by some sparkle knee boots. Is Lady Gaga taking style notes from the British debutantes before her time, or just trying something new?


Here, the 32 year old defined sweltering weather with her diva head-scarf and now signature shades, paired with a long sleeved ruched lace maxi that has a bustier style top.


This is by far the craziest look, with the craziest hair. She looks like a scene out of Zoolander with those ridiculously oversized shoulders, sleeves and boots that look like they were bought in size XL from a retired pimp. Well, you can’t be low-key forever!