10 Celeb Dads That Adore Their Kids

Being a celebrity father is no easy feat. You have movies to shoot, business meetings to attend and interviews to give, not to mention all sorts of red carpet appearances, workouts to keep in shape and a decent amount of sleep to look good the next day. All this stuff doesn’t really leave celebrity fathers with a lot of personal time. However, the best celeb daddies manage to make time for their kids, no matter how hectic their professional life might be. Let’s take a look at 10 celeb dads who obviously adore their children and love spending time with them.



Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr got divorced in 2013 but that doesn’t stop Orlando from spending quality time with his little kid. Flynn Christopher Bloom is an adorable 6 year old, and you can see that Orlando loves spending time with him.



David Beckham
David has three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. But we think it’s pretty obvious that his little daughter Harper is his little princess. He’s often seen being silly with her in public and his love for her just radiates from him.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth might be Thor, but more importantly he’s a daddy. He has three cute little kids and no matter how busy being a god might get, he always finds time to play with his children. His wife says that Chris loves preparing food for his kids and it doesn’t matter if he just got home from a red carpet, if his kids want a snack he’ll start cooking right away.



Mark Wahlberg
Mark has 4 kids and he has no problem showing them off. Some celebrities try to shield their kids from cameras and all sorts of Hollywood business, but Mark has been seen bringing his entire family with him to red carpets multiple times. As you can see from the photos above, his kids already figured out a great way of dealing with paparazzi.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a The Rock, has two beautiful daughters and he’s immensely proud of being their dad. He often posts pictures of them to his Instagram and writes long captions professing his love for them. Simone, the older daughter is 15 and his younger one, Jasmine is only 1. So as you can imagine dealing with them can’t be easy, but he loves every moment he gets to spend with them.



Jensen Ackles
You probably know Jensen best from the TV show supernatural where he deals with all sorts of demons and monsters. But in real life Jensen has 3 little monsters he loves spending time with. His older daughter Justice is 4, and recently he became a father of twins, Arrow and Zeppelin. Having twins is quite a handful, but Jensen seems to be doing just fine.

Neil Patrick Harris
Everyone knows that Neil Patrick Harris and his partner love their kids more than anything in their life. Even though being an actor means he works strange hours and can be absent for days at a time, Neil always sets aside time for his kids. And as evident from these photos they love dressing up for Halloween as a family. We’re sure that if there was some sort of official costume competition for best Halloween family costume, Neil and his family would win every single time.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo might play the Hulk on screen, but in real life he’s nothing like the green angry giant. He’s a loving husband and a caring father. He has 3 kids and tries his best to spend time with them. He even brought his daughter as his plus one to a premiere with him once.



Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt doesn’t talk about his family or his kid a lot, but that’s not for the lack of love, but because he wants to cherish his moments with his family instead of showing it off to the public. His little son is only 4 and Chris always looks at his happiest when he’s with his son.

Ryan Reynolds
After seeing Deadpool it’s hard to imagine Ryan Reynolds as a father figure, he seems too silly for that. But he’s actually a great father to his 2 little girls. He often talks about them on Twitter, sharing the funny things they say or do. He clearly adores them.