10 Celebs Who Should Probably Stop Denying Plastic Surgery Rumors

Hollywood is filled with flawless, statuesque specimen – but most of them got to where they are with a little help from science. Some of them are proud of the work they’ve had done, while others more shy to admit they’ve gone under the knife. Here’s a list of stars who have gotten procedures done but will deny it to the grave.



1. Nicole Kidman
She has been a babe since her days with Tom Cruise, and we are forever loyal to her. But – it’s undeniable that since then, her face looks pretty different. Before she was young, soft and curly-headed Nicole. Now it’s like three shots of 5-Hour-Energy, consistently surprised Nicole. She may have taken it a bit too far, and her face looks pretty tight, but she denies any cosmetic surgery at all! Come on, Nicole!



2. Kylie Jenner
This young star used to be a natural beauty on Keeping Up just a few years ago. Besides her lips, she claims to not having any cheek surgery, or curve enhancement, saying that her mom would never let her, and she “always loved her jaw”. “No ass implants, no ass implants. I’m just chunkier”, the star has said, but she sort of looks like a totally different person. (see; sister Kim). We get she doesn’t want to be compared to her big sis, but honesty is the best policy, Kylie!

3. Renee Zellweger
Most of you have probably seen that startling before and after image of the ‘Bridget Jones” star, from her infamous red carpet appearance that made the internet go wild. People claimed she looked like a different person and though she responded in a heartfelt way, she was not proud of those allegations and fiercely denied them.



4. Blake Lively
Remember how gorgeous young Blake was in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”? Well, some assets on the star have definitely grown, and her nose looks pretty different as well. She won’t admit it, but we think she looks great, both before and after! She just needs to be real with herself and the world about it.

5. Megan Fox
If you see old pictures of Megan, you’ll probably be startled. Her face was softer, less angular, and her nose and cheek area look totally different. Would she be the sex symbol she is today if not for these surgeries? Well, she denies any filler, Botox or nose jobs, but it’s hard for us not to roll our eyes at that.



6. Janet Jackson
This family isn’t exactly known for keeping it natural. Her nose has undergone changes and people have suspected a facelift, but Janet defensively responded saying “Everyone’s talking about the brow and how it’s going up, and people are calling it a facelift, not true at all – just me. It is the make-up… make-up is made to transform people.” That would have to be some pretty miraculous makeup, girl.

7. Kim Kardashian
It’s no surprise, the world finds Kim Kardashian ravishing. Her body has gotten thicker in some arenas and more chiseled in others – it could just be hard work, but we’re not sure if we believe that. Her nose and lips are possibly altered, and she’s only recently admitted injections in her behind as her only enhancement. Hopefully the rest of the truth will come out when Kim is comfortable admitting it.

8. Kate Bosworth
The “Blue Crush” bombshell has a noticeably different nose and lips, but denies having any cosmetic surgery at all, even after multiple accusations.



9. Nene Leakes
The reality star looks great, but looks pretty different from when she first started out in her first season of “Housewives of Atlanta”. Her results look more like a nose job and liposuction than from natural processes, but we’re glad she’s looking and feeling healthier.

10. The Olsen Twins
It’s safe to say that these actresses turned fashion designers don’t really look like twins anymore, thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery. It’s not hard to figure out that these two have done everything from Botox to nose jobs and lip fillers. Mary-Kate is apparently rumored to have had more work done than her sister . Maybe they were just sick of twinning!