10 Hottest TV Doctors of All Time

The appeal of men in white is undoubtable, but what is it that makes doctors and actors playing them so attractive? This question has been bothering scientists for quite some time now, so they came up with all kinds of research methodology and questionnaires and other crap to find out why. This phenomenon definitely has something to do with doctors being saviors and healers. They are always perceived as people who have vast knowledge in different life-saving fields, oozing confidence and a wicked type of charm. They often have a mean sense of humor that we, for some reason, also find endearing. With so many people falling in love with doctors, it comes as no surprise that this profession has also become famous on TV. Millions of viewers become devoted fans of medical dramas and comedies, following the rises and downfalls of their favorite doctors. Here are 10 TV doctors that are as witty and smart as they are hot.



Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle)
ER has brought Noah Wyle thousands of devoted fans. He started with the pilot episode of the show and remained its star for 11 seasons. Doctor Carter has had his fair share of adventures – he developed an addiction, escaped to the Congo once, had more than a few relationships and was even stabbed by a patient. He’s a real action figure!



Doctor Who (David Tennant)
Although not technically a doctor, Doctor Who is definitely among the most adventurous doctors on TV. Being the hottest time lord alive, he can do pretty good under pressure and has been in more than enough emergency situations saving millions of people at a time. David Tennant has portrayed arguably the most charismatic and charming of all Doctors – and there are more than 10 of them!

Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox)
It’s hard to believe now, but Dr. Jack Shephard, one of the main characters in Lost, was supposed to be killed in the pilot episode! Yet this didn’t happen due to Matthew Fox’s charm and certain plot developments. He ended up playing throughout 113 episodes of the show, becoming one of the most recognized and loved characters on the show. He’s been a part of a love triangle and has made his fair share of bad decisions, but still managed to outlive everyone. We think. Kind of.



Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina)
The Mindy Project deals with a bunch of incredibly funny and goofy doctors, but Danny Castellano is probably the nerdiest of them all. He has the good looks that attract female audience and the smarts that cater to the rest of viewers. We just can’t get enough of him!

Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen)
If you want to really appreciate modern day medicine, watch The Knick that is set in the beginning of the 20th century. Dr. John Thackery is a chief surgeon at a hospital in New York. He is skillful, but has a number of unhealthy addictions to various drugs, including opium. This stressful job just makes doctors came to the dark side! Nevertheless, Clive Owen’s character has charmed millions of women all over the world and has become an incredibly popular TV doctor.



Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer)
Apart from Dr. House himself, Robert Chase is the second most popular character in the show. He’s good-looking, smart and has a dark and funny side to him that just made female viewers go crazy over him. Jesse Spencer didn’t think much of the show when he first auditioned for the part, but he soon realized just how good it was going to be and fought hard to play Dr. Robert Chase. We can only thank him for that!

Dr. Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic)
It was definitely hard to top what Clooney has done in the ER show, but Goran Visnjic has done a great job as well and became one of the most recognized doctors on TV. His character, Dr. Kovac, has survived the Croatian War of Independence and came to the USA after losing his wife and child. This character brought much attention to PTSD ad survivor’s guilt.

Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon)
When Nip/Tuck first hit the screens in 2003 we didn’t know what to expect, yet we did know that nothing bad can come from Ryan Murphy, and we were right! The viewers were introduced to the world of plastic surgery and crazy love affairs, with Dr. Christian Troy being in the center of events. He’s the ultimate bad boy that is both incredibly charming and revolting at times.



Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)
Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey has received numerous awards for the portrayal of the dishy doctor. Dr. Derek Shepherd has captivated millions of men and women all over the world. His romantic involvement with Meredith Grey became one of the most iconic relationships in the medical world of TV and dramas. With cheating friends, brain surgeries and shootings, Dr. Shepherd’s on-screen life is definitely among the most exciting stories we’ve ever seen.

Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney)
Many of us grew up watching the charming character played by George Clooney saving lives on a daily basis. Once ER hit the screens, he immediately became the star of the show, turning into a real household name. Clooney admitted that he was drawn to the role of Dr. Doug Ross as soon as he saw the plot. His character still tops the charts of hottest TV doctors we’ve ever seen. And rightly so!