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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


2. 42
“The true story of a sport’s legend”
In one of the interviews Harrison Ford (he starred as Branch Rickey) said – “Baseball is a metaphor for America”. But this film is not just about a game or a sport, it is a story about 2 men, a baseball coach and executive Branch Rickey and a baseball player Jackie Robinson, who started changing the world.
Jackie Robinson was the same as most other baseball players: capable, sporty and crazy about the game … The only difference is was that he has a different skin color. But his talent and perseverance allowed him to lead the way in the destruction of racism and segregation in sports and in society in general.
“42” – is a film about many things. About perseverance, ability, honesty, justice, equality, baseball, love … Jackie Robinson was different because of the color of his skin and his tremendous ability to play. He played better than others. And he was able to survive the press of those who were disgruntled Number 42 – is an immensly powerful drama full of spirit, showcasing the powerful will of a man with real enthusiasm and resolve.