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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


3. Invincible
“How a bold dream… led to a sensational victory!”
Having lost his wife and a job 30-year-old bartender Vince Papale decides to realize his dream. He is given the chance to take part in a contest sponsored by the coach of an American professional football team, the “Philadelphia Eagles”. The head coach, Dick Vermeil,invited anyonethat wanted to tryout for the Eagles team – the so-called “walk-on” tryout. Papale had not played football in high school or college but the Eagles’ Coaches were hugely impressed with his natural, God-given talent. He was a miracle of sorts, as professional sport athletes go.
This film evokes strange emotions – a feeling of a warmth with a bit of jealousy, because you realize that the emotions of the Eagles’ players cannot be shown through the camera lens and you are struggling to feel the same emotions they were experiencing. Marg Wahlberg managed to show internal doubts and worries that tormented the main hero. But when the team enters the stadium and starts the last game, everything vanishes, because the only thing that matters is to win.