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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


4. Miracle
«Do you believe in miracles?»
The events described in the film took place during a difficult time for the United States. The country’s economy was going through a painful crisis and revelations about then-President Nixon and his personal knowledge of the Watergate scandal. The situation in the country is was not encouraging, and the general mood was reflected in the field of sport. The U.S. Olympic hockey team not only was not a contender to win; in fact it was not even a competitve team failing to make it into the top 5 ranked world teams. And then, a middle-aged former coach of “Pittsburgh Penguins” was brought in to lead the team. He declared that he knew how to win the gold medal for the U.S.
The team is was in poor condition so Herb Brooks’ statement seemed strange, to say the least. What can he could he possibly suggest? He decided to make a new team of young players from various university teams.U.S. Olympic officials were dubious about his judgement and whether his bold scheme would work. But they had no alternative. Herb Brooks started his “affair”, and after six months training his team in the Olympic Village at Lake Placid, NY, people witnessed the event which became known as the “the miracle on ice.”