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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


8. Rush
“Do what you must, come what may”

The 1970’s, Planet Earth and it’s the Golden Era for Formula 1 Racing. The cars: Streamlined shape, lightening fast, quick turning which all could lead to disaster. The fans, the groopie-girls who gave freely in bed just to say they slept with a particular driver, the bottle of champagne at the finish line. Two great rival in this sport: First, a charming playboy Englishman named James Hunt and the discipilined perfectionist Austrian Niki Lauda – both bring themselves to the limit of physical and psychological endurance to get the adulation of the fans. Winning Formula 1 Races was their crack cocaine – the rush of being at the top of the sport.

Winning was hard and if you made a mistake? Well as long as you didn’t kill yourself there was the next race or next season. These two gents were great competitors and lived Formula 1 to the max! And now to that wonderful champagne…