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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


Who goes down in history? – Those, who break the stereotypes and bears the palm. The following movies tell the stories of people who somehow changed the lives of others, broke the prejudices or proved that nothing is impossible. These movies grab, teach and motivate. Here is the list of the best inspirational movies about sportsmen.

1. Cinderella Man
“A life-long fight”
Fate doesn’t always favour us. It can change success to failure overnight, joy to disappointment. The same happened to the main hero of the film – heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock.
Having suffered several defeats in a row, he is forced to quit the sport. During the Great Depression, Braddock searches for any chance to get money and takes on any job to feed his family. However, he still hopes to return to the ring. And once he is given a second chance: he becomes a favorite of the public once again. At the last minute he replaces another boxer and enters the fight with the contender to the world title…
I highly recommend everyone watch this magnificent film. It’s not just the pleasure of spending time watching a great drama, but the movie inspires and gives hope for the future. It also shows the importance of showing love to our closest family. You’ll be looking forward with more anticipation and positiveness when dealing with life’s trails, the ups and downs – the bumps in the road we all encounter.