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10 Inspirational Biography Films About Sportsmen


5. The Fighter
«Every dream deserves a fighting chance»
It’s incredible story! Micky Ward’s real life path to the junior welterweight crown in boxing really did have all the twists, turns and drama that was turned into a great movie! Ward’s story is quite similar to the legendary Rocky Balboa character played by Sylvester Stalone. A common man, working class guy all the way. He takes a hiatus from boxing working construction, gets some surgery done to repair his hand and comes back to boxing stronger than ever!
Having experienced a series of defeats due to the bad hand, Mickey managed to get back into the ring, where his coach was his half-brother Dicky Eklund. Dicky was a former boxer whose career had been cut short due to drug addiction. The help of his brother, the love of a waitress named Charlene, the care of his mother and his own indomitable will to win allowed Ward to reach the highest heights of the sport.