10 Interesting Facts About Maine Mendoza You Didn’t Know Before


Chances, are you already know who Maine Mendoza is. You’re probably a fan of hers. Let’s be real, you probably have a crush on her. She’s incredibly cute and talented, isn’t she? If you don’t know who Maine Mendoza is – what’s wrong with you? Have you been living under a rock all this time? How could you not know about this adorable Filipina actress and TV personality? She recently won Favorite Pinoy Personality at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016.



Maine was very touched by her victory and thanked her fans on Instagram by posting a sweet message to her followers:
“Whoa there! What a pleasant way to start my week! Thank you everyone for all your efforts! Sa lahat ng bumoto, (To all those who voted) from morning till evening, sa mga nagpuyat para magtweet for me, sa inyong lahat! Too bad I won’t get slimed but getting this award is more than enough for me! I wouldn’t win this if not because of all your efforts! From the bottom of my heart, maraming maraming salamat sa lahat (Thank you so much to everyone)! My heart is filled with so much love from all of you guys! Sulit ang kadudutdot! (The non-stop tweeting and typing was worth it) Congratulations sa ating lahat!”

In the light of her recent achievement, we felt like it’s the perfect time to give you 10 facts about Maine Mendoza you didn’t know before.



1. Maine Loves Food
She confessed to being quite a foodie in many interviews. She’s quite a fan of street foods, but there’s more to it than you think. Not only can she appreciate all sorts of cuisines, but she actually studied culinary arts at De La Salle-College of St Benilde and had an internship in America.

2.She Could’ve Been A Flight Attendant
Before she pursued her current career, Maine wanted to be a flight attendant. She actually applied for the job and was waiting for a reply. Can you imagine what a loss to the showbiz it would’ve been, if Maine actually became a flight attendant?

3. Became A DubSmashing Queen Out Of Boredom
As we know, Maine Mendoza is quite famous for her Dubsmashin videos on Instagram. A lot of people would go as far as to call her ‘The Dubsmashing Queen of the Philippines”. Did you know that she started dubsmashing out of boredom? She shared this story on her blog:
“Apparently, I had so much free time in the office. One time, I had the whole office to myself without anything to do. I got bored scrolling through different social media sites. (Which I didn’t think was even possible) And at that moment, Dubsmash was a hit…. The rest is history,” wrote Maine.

If you’re a fan of Maine Mendoza, you probably already know that her actual real name is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza. But did you know that the names of all of her siblings start with Nico too? Their names are Nicoleen Dyann, Nicolette Ann, Nicodeim Dean, and Nicolas Dynn.

5.Barbie Doll Collection
In one of her interviews Maine confessed that she really liked Barbie Dolls as a kid. She used to play with them all the time. But since she’s a grown up now, she can’t play with Barbies anymore, but she likes them, so she still collects them. Not in any weird obsessive way though, she just has a small collection of Barbie Dolls. “I guess I have about 20, but some of them are limited edition” – said Maine.

6.Song Covers Are Her Secret Passion
Maine loves singing and doing song covers. However, she rarely does it in public. She has previously recorded a couple of songs, but decided not to publish them in fear of embarrassing herself. She doesn’t think she’s very good at singing and she doesn’t really like her singing voice. Not taking singing lessons is one of her biggest regrets. But hey, there’s always dubsmash, right?

7. Maine Loves Mac Lipsticks
When asked which lipsticks are her favorite, Maine said: “I use MAC. Mostly deep shades of red and nude shades. My faves are Sin, Faux and Flat Out Fabulous”. She’s got quite a huge influence when it comes to lipstick colors in the Philippines. One time her makeup artist revealed that he used MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick on Maine and it completely sold out in shops in a matter of days.

8. Maine Is A Shy Girl
Despite what you see on TV, Maine is actually a very shy girl in real life. She said so herself in many interviews. Even her parents said that she’s a quiet girl, and doesn’t open up to people easily. She’s not very comfortable around people she doesn’t know, but has no problem playing around and being loud with her siblings. Maine’s hairdresser that’s been working with her for a long time also noted that she’s very quiet and shy most of the time, but as soon as she’s in front of the camera she completely transforms and becomes the loud wacky character that she plays.

9.Maine Writes Poetry
Apart from her successful career on TV, Maine also has a personal blog where she shares her life with her fans. She posts a lot about her daily life and what she’s up to, but she also shares poems that she’s written. She has a whole separate section of her blog named “poetry”. “Noon blues” , “TIl Next Time Love” , “Cloud Of Confusion”, “Just A Dream”, “Eventually”, “23d of June” – are just a few of her poems. If you’d like to read these and more – visit her blog The Pessimistic Optimist Bella.

10.Maine Mendoza Struggled With Self-Esteem
A lot of people struggle with self-esteem issues and so does Maine. She’s working on overcoming her issues. She even shared her thoughts on the matter in one of her Instagram posts.
“I used to be a girl with a poor self esteem – I actually think I still am. I never believed in my capability of doing things; it could be just me being a pessimist about almost everything but the thing is, I never really believed in myself. … I’ve done so many things that I never thought I can do; things that I never imagined I am capable of doing. Everything that I am experiencing and doing right now is new to me. And I am proud to say that [finally] – because of Eat Bulaga – I am having the courage to step out of my comfort zone. I have waited so long for the moment where I’d be able to say “I am proud of myself”. …” To read the full message visit Maine’s Instagram.