10 Things You Should Know about Iskra Lawrence


Iskra Lawrence is an English model that’s taking over the world and making a lot of noise in the fashion and modeling industry. She’s the one everyone is talking about these days, and her gorgeous figure has people comparing to celebs like Beyonce and J.Lo and Kim Kardashian, some even go as far as to call her the new Queen B. You’ve probably seen a video of her dressed in only underwear on the New York subway making an empowering speech about loving yourself and appreciating your body and not falling for the weird beauty standards the media is pushing on us. That was epic. But apart from that you probably don’t know much about her, so we’re here to bring you 15 hottest thinks you should know about Iskra Lawrence.



1. Her name, Iskra, sounds a bit exotic, but that’s just because her parents decided to be original. She’s British, as you can probably tell by her accent, and so are her parents.

2. Even though she’s blowing up just now, she’s actually been modeling for about 12 years now. She’s 25, which makes her an old pro in the modeling business.
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