10 Times The Kardashians Flat-Out Lied To Us

The Kardashian-Jenners aren’t exactly known for their nobility and deep truths – but did you know that they are hiding some dark secrets under the surface as well? This reality TV family might play coy and pretend that they’re one way, but this is how things really are – and we’ve got the proof!



1. Remember when Kylie was all “I’ve never been under the knife,” and “I just over-line my lips” and then five minutes later “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do.” Kylie’s lips you deceived us for so long!



2. Their home that is filmed on the show is fake – they film it 20 miles away from the actual home at a different location. Even rich people fake it, apparently!

3. Kim has bragged about her philanthropic efforts via her eBay auctions, but it was revealed in 2013 that only 10 percent of those proceeds actually went to the causes. Like they don’t have enough cash already!



4. Kris Humphries scenes were apparently an obvious deception – a producer on the show testified that at least two scenes were “reshot, scripted, or edited” to make Kris Humphries looks like a villain after Kim realized she wanted a divorce. Kris really had it out for Kris, eh?

5. In 2011, Kim was accused of faking that infamous KUWTK scene in Bora Bora where she lost a diamond earring worth 75k. The things they do for the reality fame…



6. But she’s been faking more than just that! She claimed to weigh 132 pounds after giving birth to Saint, and nutritionists debunked that, saying that the way she carried herself realistically indicated at least 13 pounds more. Why lie when you have such gorgeous curves to flaunt anyway?

7. When Kris was promoting her now cancelled talk show, she used pics of her holding a baby, who was supposedly little North. But after the show aired, everyone discovered it was just a stand-in baby!

8. Kris also played coy to Bruce’s transition into Caitlyn, saying she knew nothing, but it came out that she pretty much knew about the identity struggle by “their third date”. Mind-blowing.



9. That famous ball-park proposal that launched the start of Kimye’s marriage was actually just pure acting – they were engaged before! Kim was actually wearing the ring in a scene before the proposal takes place! Hire better editors, E!

10. That phone call where Kendall prank called Kim on sister Khloe’s talk show was actually fake. Which is messed up, since the phone call ended with Kim basically telling her lil’ sis to get an abortion and that they would “talk later”, all a gimmick for better ratings. Sigh.