10 Unconventional TV Crushes That Will Make Your Heart Race

It seems that Hollywood, along with the most prominent TV channels, has already figured out the best recipe for a picture-perfect loveable main character. It doesn’t take much to capture the attention of most people – it’s either a hero in the making that sports good looks and twice as good luck, or it’s a broody ironic character who could care less about people and their problems, but still gets involved with them and ends up on the good side. Either way, whether it’s a ‘good’ guy or a ‘bad’ one, there are always characters in the background that should get just as much (and sometimes even more) attention than the so-called main characters. Usually it’s the nerdy sidekicks that get mistreated by the audience, but they are the ones that end up having the most complex and attractive personalities that really redefine what it means to be ‘hot’. Here are 10 unconventional TV crushes that will make your heart race.



Dylan O’Brien as Stiles
Remember Teen Wolf? It first hit the screens along with True Blood and a bunch of other supernatural-themed TV shows. Just as the name suggests, it’s all about teens dealing with various otherworldly creatures, relationship issues, as well as school, family, and puberty. The first few seasons revolved solely around Scott McCall, the hero of the series, who was quickly changing from an asthmatic kid lacking confidence into a super cool werewolf trying to figure out how to deal with all this stuff. What about Stiles, then? He’s the ultimate sidekick any superhero could wish for, but stays in the shadow of Scott, his BFF, most of the time. Until screenwriters finally figured something out and gave him more screen time, revealing the complexity of the character whose past has messed him up considerably, but who also appears to be one of the most loyal and intelligent people on the show (and don’t get us started on all those witty smart-ass remarks he keeps on delivering throughout the whole show!). Dylan O’Brien growing up into a handsome-looking young man didn’t hurt either.



Matt Smith as 11th Doctor
When it comes to Brits, nothing is written in stone concerning beauty standards – Benedict Cumberbatch is the living and breathing proof of that! When we first saw Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, we just couldn’t figure him out. At a first glance he’s somewhere between ‘meh’ and ‘I dunno’ on the hot-or-not scale, but the more episodes you watch, the more he grows on you. With simple little details like the love for bow-ties, super intelligence, and quirky humour, he can easily become one’s most adored character in the whole world! Doctor Who’s Doctor has always been more about personality rather than good looks, and personality he has plenty of!

Tom Felton as Julian Albert
It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen Tom Felton in anything other than Harry Potter movies. And when we did, it still wasn’t good enough to outshine his broody appearance as a spoilt rich kid that we really loved to hate in the Harry Potter saga. Well, it seems that now Felton has redeemed himself by appearing in a softer light in none other than the CW’s Flash TV series. Playing alongside Danielle Panabaker and Grant Gustin, he appears in the beginning of Season 3 as Barry’s partner who doesn’t really like having him around, until he gets on Team Flash and we can’t but fall in love with the guy. He’s persistent, reliable, and incredibly charismatic. Although, his romance with Caitlin Snow met a bitter end once she turned into Killer Frost, which made Tom Felton’s character kind of fade into the background of the overall story. But we still adore him!



Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
It’s hard to say who’s hot or not on this 50-shades-of-red TV show that has people dying in small groups almost every episode. Fortunately, there are those who managed to survive from the very first episode of the show till the very last one as of today – but, boy, did it come at a price! The things you have to do to survive on Game of Thrones are downright unspeakable, but first and foremost you need to develop a character that’s either so bad you just won’t be killed no matter what, or the one that will land you on the ‘good team’ where you’ll play a vital part in the whole Game of Thrones. With Tyrion it seems a bit of both – he’ll do anything to survive and just when we think he’s hit the bottom he suddenly does something so remarkably good that we can’t but have a crush for him. Tyrion has done his fair share of killing and he’s definitely not as well-built as other male characters (being on the shorter side), but his ginormous wit, intelligent remarks, and unparalleled bravery make him one of the most attractive characters on the show!

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal
Hannibal Lecter is one of those dark characters you really don’t want to have a crush on, but still develop one eventually. That’s the problem with highly intelligent psychopathic killers – creating attractive facades is in their nature. And the more demons there are lurking underneath all that charming surface, the more charisma such people use to cover it all up. Hannibal Lecter is a true Devil in disguise, which means he’s not only evil to the extreme, but he’s also charming, elegant, and seductive in all the right places. Spice it up with extensive knowledge of the human nature as well as physiology and psyche, and you’ll get one of the most charismatic characters ever created on TV. Oh, and he eats people. Like, for real.



Rory Kinnear as The Creature
Penny Dreadful is packed with dark and broody characters with complicated pasts and even more complicated futures, but most of them are quite attractive, some more than others. Created by the genius of Victor Frankenstein, the Creature, on the other hand, looks quite monstrous with stitches covering his face and whole body. From the very second he comes to this world, he knows only pain of abandonment and loneliness. Despite a few happy experiences with people, the mob ends up turning him into a monster he originally was not – a ruthless creature that can kill in cold blood. Nevertheless, when we get to know him a little better, we find out there is a softer side to him. His conversations with Vanessa are deeply philosophical and the two connect via their love of English poetry. His appearance does take a little bit of getting used to, but his personality will definitely turn you into one of the Creature’s fans.

Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki
It’s pretty obvious that Ragnar Lothbrok is the main character in Vikings – he has the looks and he plays the part of a Viking king like he was born into it. Floki, on the other hand, stays in the shadow most of the time. In the Viking society it’s all about fighting prowess and going into berserk mode to kill as many opponents as possible. Floki is none of those things (although he’s pretty handy with that sharp axe of his), as his strengths lie in building ships and in the knowledge of the god’s ways. You could say he is more important than anyone else in Ragnar’s surroundings, and maybe that’s why he is also Ragnar’s closest friend, but Floki himself still struggles to find his place in this world and lives on the outskirts of the settlement. That is where Ragnar often comes to visit him for advice and that is the very place where he builds the armada of long ships that later takes Ragnar to various lands. Floki often converses with Norse gods and knows a thing or two about healing, saving Ragnar’s life on more than one occasion. It’s a character that definitely deservers our utmost attention!

John Bradley-West as Sam Tarly
It takes a lot of courage and wit to survive in the Game of Thrones universe, and while everyone knows of the strengths and weaknesses of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister, it’s the heroes in the background that often go unnoticed, although they often make even bigger sacrifices that should count for something. Life hasn’t exactly been all roses and sunshine for the young Samwell Tarly, whose chubby appearance and lack of fighting skills made the older Tarly despise his son. He even sent the guy to the Night’s Watch! Like, the worst place on the planet for the lost people who have nowhere else to go. But that’s where he befriended Jon Snow and found out his real strength – the power of knowledge and the ability to study all that’s ancient and forgotten. Sam might be a nerd, but he can also stand for himself and protect his loved ones if need be – he even killed a White Walker all by himself! That’s how cool he is. Take a closer look at this guy because he’s about to make your heart melt!



Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
The 100 features a plethora of complex personalities of all ages, but it’s the teen characters that really make the show worthwhile. Set in a sci-fi future when Earth is uninhabitable and the remnants of humanity are stuck on a dying spaceship on the planet’s orbit, it’s up to 100 delinquents to go down to the surface and either die in vain or become a beacon of hope for everyone. Originally, Bellamy wasn’t on the 100 list of teens doomed to go to Earth, so he had to find another way and attempted to assassinate the local leader in order to get on the ship with the help of his opponents. Well, he did get the spot in the end, but things didn’t turn out as planned. And boy oh boy, he’s like the epitome of a bad guy who does whatever he wants for no apparent reason. But that is only until you get to know him a little better! Later we find out that he so desperately wanted to get on that ship in order to be with his younger sister, Octavia. He becomes one of the leaders of the group of kids on Earth trying to make everything in his power in order to keep them (and himself) alive. He’s a work in progress, but no matter how many mistakes he makes, his bravery and loyalty are too outstanding to ignore.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is definitely not your usual hero-of-the-day character. Although, he does save the day on more than one occasion, but solely out of boredom as his genius mind just doesn’t let him rest. Sherlock’s tongue is more evil than that of Dr. House (and that says something about the character) and his mind is as dangerous as a gun (and sometimes even more!). We could be talking about Sherlock’s sidekick Dr. Watson, but the thing is, that character is incredibly loveable to begin with! Yet when it comes to Sherlock Holmes – he’s an acquired taste starting from his not exactly Hollywood-esque appearance and ending with a bunch of weird and quirky habits. Sherlock is ill-tempered, moody, cranky, and downright brilliant in everything he does. That’s why you should be prepared that after a few episodes (one may be enough) you will completely and utterly fall in love with this genius sociopath portrayed by the undeniably handsome Benedict Cumberbatch.