11 Modern Day Vikings That Will Make Your Boyfriend Jealous


Do you like men with long hair? Are men buns your guilty pleasure or maybe you just want to have chill nights braiding each other’s hair with your boyfriend? Either way, we get it and we’re not judging you. But you know what else lots of people like? Men with gorgeous beards. Not every man is capable of growing a decent beard. A lot of the time it comes out all patchy and weird. But there are some men in this world, let’s call them modern day Vikings, who are not only capable of growing a bread, they actually embrace their manly hairiness and walk around proudly with long hair and a massive beard at the same time. They are the lucky ones, the special ones, and they are what we’re going to feast our eyes on today. Enjoy!



1. Brock O’Hurn
Brock is the first on our list and you’ll see why if you follow him on Instagram. This man is pure Viking.



2. Matt Sclarandis
Matt Sclarandis, also known as motor nomad, is not only a gorgeous hairy fellow, but also a traveler and nature lover.

3. Anton Meriläinen
This handsome guy from Stockholm has such luscious hair, that lots of women find themselves jealous. He also gives us Johnny Depp vibes in certain pictures, so if you’re into it, perhaps follow this guy.



4. William Tyler
William is a very good looking long haired, bearded, tattooed model who recently started a very interesting art project. Does he tick all your boxes?

5. Giaro Giarratana
Giaro’s three biggest passions in life are film making, fashion and travel. So not only can you see his adorable face and bouncy curls on Instagram, but you can actually see his vlogs and other videos on Youtube.



6. Jack Greystone
Jack describes himself as a citizen of the world, a free range humorist and mango junkie. But we have to add that he’s also a prime specimen of the male variety.

7. Nitin Chauhan
Nitin is an actor and model from Mumbai, India. We can’t say for sure what his movies are like, but let’s just say his Instagram is on fire. He’s also a painter and cartoonist, so basically he’s a man of many talents.



8. Ian Lynch
Ian doesn’t have a huge following yet, he’s only got over 6K followers on Instagram, but we see a great future ahead of this curly hairy bearded man. He’s also a comedian, writer, on-air personality.

9. Rocky.Muscia
This hairy English gentlemen is into fitness, cooking and lover of Norse mythology, and we can tell, since his Instagram handle is literally wanderer.of.asgard.



10. Jimijimmi
Jimmi’s Instagram bio says he’s a bassist and collector of everything. We’re pretty sure he’s also a collector of female hearts, because once you see his long hair and bushy beard – there’s no going back.

11. Luca Sguazzini
Luca is an actor, model, traveler, artist and a social media influencer. He speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, which probably comes pretty handy in his job, but also in charming 4 times the amount of ladies any other man could.