12 Celebrities Who Totally Rock It on Instagram

These days most Instagram accounts are highly curated. For us, mere mortals it means only uploading the best pictures we take, from gorgeous selfies to beautiful flat lays. Celebrities are on a whole other level, posting promo pictures of the movies they starred in, photos from fashion photo-shoots and magazine covers. In fact, quite a lot of celebs don’t even use Instagram, they have people who help them do it or do it for them. But whenever we see celebrities who actually use Instagram on their own and use it to post funny and amusing pictures of themselves, instead of curated glossy pictures – it’s like a breath of fresh air. So let’s take a look at some celebs who truly rock it on Instagram.



1. Tom Hanks loves using Instagram to post random selfies with his friends and coworkers or pictures of lost shoes, gloves and other clothes. His favorite thing is taking pictures next to cool and funny cars and captioning them with “Thinking of buying a new car” or “Bought a new car!”



2. Julianne Moore doesn’t mind posting pictures of herself with a beard filter on.

3. Arnie might be the terminator, but he’s really a big softie. Look at him posting adorable pictures of his daughter and wishing her a Happy Birthday.



4. Goldie Hawn isn’t just a gorgeous actress, but she’s also got a hilarious sense of humor and, apparently a sweet tooth too.

5. Hugh Jackman isn’t nearly as terrifying as Wolverine in real life. In fact he’s a sweet guy who posts whatever he feels like on Instagram. One day it might be a behind the scenes video from a magazine photoshoot, the other it could be a snap of him fishing.



6. Lena Headey or Cersei Lannister, as you might know her, is actually quite a chill lady. Look at her, she’s a bee keeper in training.

7. Selena Gomez isn’t the first celeb that comes to mind when you think about rocking it on Instagram, right? I mean, her Instagram is mostly gorgeous photos of her from music videos, performances, fashion shoots, etc. But once in awhile she surprises her fans with her honesty and it really warms our hearts.



8. Amy Schumer is known for not having any filter and we’re not just talking about her comedy. She’s also pretty open on her Instagram. I mean just look at this photo of her drinking with Olaf. She’s one of us.

9. Demi Lovato’s Instagram is a mix of curated pics, selfies, workout pics and outfits of the day. But she’s also not afraid to show her no makeup face and let the world see her freckles.



10. Sarah Jessica Parker is so cool on Instagram. It seems like she posts it all. Glossy pics, real life pics and some pretty useful tips on how to avoid the paparazzi.

11. Uma Thurman’s Instagram is also pretty solid. There’s a lot of glamorous pics, but once in awhile she lets her true self shine and posts hilarious pics of her head wrapped in toilet paper or being a dork at the pool.



12. Robert Downey Jr., what can we say. It really seems like him and Tony Stark are literally the same person. Like he doesn’t play that role, it was just written for him and he’s just being himself. But once in awhile this hilarity ensues.