12 Little Known Facts That Will Change Your Opinion About Lady Gaga

Can you imagine a world without Lady Gaga now? She’s become a legendary phenomenon. Yet there are things even her most devoted fans don’t know about. Here are 12 little known facts that will change your opinion about Lady Gaga.



It’s not a secret that Lady Gaga’s natural hair colour isn’t blonde, but not many people know why she has chosen to turn into a blondie right before going big on stage. Truth is Lady Gaga has often been compared to Amy Winehouse.



Lady Gaga’s meat dress is hard to forget – she looked so freakish. But have you ever thought how much effort the star put into wearing this gown? Experts say this garment weighed at least 50 pounds!


We are all aware that Lady Gaga has plenty of tattoos but not many people know that all of Gaga’s tattoos are located on her left part of the body. Her dad asked her to keep at least one side of her body clean of tattoos and so she did!



Lady Gaga is extravagant in everything she does. That’s why when she decided to create her own perfume – everyone was shocked! She wanted the liquid to be black, but completely transparent when sprayed. The exeсs at Coty were horrified at first, but then managed to make a scientific breakthrough to please the star. That’s a real innovation in the perfume industry!


Before Lady Gaga went all big she was writing songs for other artists. Pussycat Dolls’ Elevator and J. Lo’s Hypnotico just to name a few. We’re really glad she decided to come out of other artists’ shadow!



Lady Gaga attended a prestigious school along with some famous faces like Nicky and Paris Hilton. It’s the same school that later became the set for Gossip Girl! Lady Gaga confessed that even in a posh school like that she never felt like she belonged.


Words can’t describe just how much Lady Gaga’s fans love her – and she returns the favour! She’s one of those stars that always take care of her fans and is known to support them in various ways. Once she sent $1,000 worth pizzas to a group of fans that have been waiting for her outside the hotel when her show got postponed!



Lady Gaga is one of the most hard-working stars we know, but all this wouldn’t be possible if she wasn’t naturally talented in the first place. Lady Gaga has been into music since the age of four! That’s when she first started playing the piano.


Now it’s hard to imagine that someone as confident and gorgeous as Lady Gaga once was bullied at school, but that’s exactly what happened. That’s why she’s become a big anti-bullying advocate, using her own experience and position to speak against the horrors that teenagers go through in high schools. Well, now all those bullies don’t have anything against her. Lady Gaga is a real beauty queen!



You’ve probably noticed the quite obvious connection between Lady Gaga’s name and a song by Queen. At first Lady Gaga used her real name – Stefani Germanotta – to perform, but as her ambitions grew bigger, she understood she needed a more spectacular name for herself. Being a fan of Queen’s Radio Gaga, it was a no-brainer for her!


It turns out Lady Gaga wrote one of her biggest hits, Just Dance, in just 10 minutes! The star confessed that she was really hungover, first time in a Hollywood studio, and wanted to finish everything quickly. And so she did!



Before getting famous Lady Gaga performed in quite a few bands and projects, but her duo with Lady Starlight might be the most influential as it is said that she was greatly inspired by Lady Starlight’s costumes and overall pazzaz.