The 13 Most Handsome Game Of Thrones Men

Are you a GoT fangirl? If you are, you probably have a serious crush on at least one of the hotties from Game of Thrones, or perhaps a couple? If you’re not a huge fan, but you watched the show, you still know that some of those men on GoT are smoking hot. And even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years and still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, perhaps this will be the reason for you to start watching the show. I mean, it’s good, it’s got 26 for god’s sake. But if awards don’t sway you, perhaps these handsome men will.



1. Jon Snow
Jon Snow might know nothing, but he’s been a favorite amongst the GoT fans for years. His jet black hair, beautiful kind eyes and soft features have made him very popular when it comes to ladies. Let’s not beat around the bush, he’s the pretty one, and no one can argue with that. We all kind of wish we had a Jon Snow in our lives.



2. Daario Naharis
In his own words, he’s not a general or a member of the queensguard, or commander of the Unsullied. His mother was a whore and he came from nothing. But we all agree he’s a fine looking specimen, right? I mean, when he said he had two talents in this world — war and women, we all wished we could test the second one.

3. Petyr Baelish
He did warn us not to trust him, but we don’t have to trust him or even like him to appreciate how good that man looks. What a silver fox. And even though we all kind of hate his character, his looks are evil in the best kind of way.

4. Gendry
He might be one of many bastard sons of king Robert Baratheon, but he’s one of a kind when it comes to his looks, loyalty and kindness. He’s easy on the eyes. Many years of being a blacksmith made him not only a master of his craft, but also made sure he looks pretty freaking amazing with his shirt off. Not bad for a bastard, heh?



5. Jorah Mormont
This knight and his sexy accent got us wrapped around his finger in a heartbeat. We don’t care that he was disgraced from a noble house for selling slaves, we’d gladly become his slave for a night if you know what I mean. His quiet determination and calm demeanor make him mysterious, but we know that under that stoic facade hides a dangerous and skilled warrior.

6. Renly Baratheon
He might be sly, but he sure is handsome. It takes a certain something to be able to wear that weird looking crown and not look ridiculous. But Renly makes it work. No surprise that he was married to one of the most beautiful ladies in the 7 kingdoms. However, as much as we fancy him, we know he’s playing for the other team.

7. Robb Stark
The King in the North is not only strong, righteous and has high moral principles, but he’s also hot as hell. Those luscious curls and brilliant blue eyes make the girls go mad. I definitely had a crush on him and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Spoiler alert — that scene in Red Wedding made a whole lot of women shed a tear for Robb Stark.



8. Khal Drogo
If you like your men big, strong and not very talkative – this one is just what you’re looking for. You’ll always feel protected next to this menacing mountain of muscle. In fact, it’s better to hide behind him rather than next to him, because when Khal Drogo fights he’s ruthless. Get used to seeing the blood and guts of your enemies all over the place.

9. Oberyn Martell
Tall, dark and handsome — what else could a girl wish for. Add that thick accent of his and you’ve got women pretty much drooling over him. He’s got a sense of humor which makes us like him, but his lust for vengeance is a bit creepy. But then again, no one is perfect on this show and we’re discussing looks. He’s got the looks, he’s got the charm, that should be enough. We’ll forgive him his lust for blood.

10. Ramsay Bolton
Ramsay might be a psychopathic bastard who killed his father, stepmother and a newborn baby brother, but it’s hard to argue that he’s absolutely gorgeous. Those pretty blue eyes and contrasting dark hair give him a really striking appearance that turns head wherever he goes.



11. Jaime Lannister
Possibly the most classically handsome men in Game of Thrones, Jaime Lannister might be a bit malicious but at this point we’ve come to expect that good looks usually come with a bad attitude. His golden locks, sharp features and strong physique make him the Adonis of Westeros.

12. Jaqen H’ghar
Jaqen H’ghar is a man with an air of mystery. He’s also a very good looking man, and his mysteriousness only adds to his charm. The fact that he belongs to a feared order of mysterious assassins who can virtually change their face whenever they want, we’re all happy he stuck with this one. It’s a great face to have.



13. Tyrion Lannister
This list wouldn’t be complete without Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is one good looking dwarf. What he lacks in size and strength he makes up in intellect. He’s smart and witty, which helps him to overcome any prejudice that he faces. His sense of humor and handsome face makes him very likable too. Plus, quite a few women in Westeros say he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.