14 Adorable And Modern Disney Princess Illustrations

Farhana Diyani is a talented illustrator who specializes in drawing very cute and modern looking cartoon versions of famous characters, celebrities or just her Instagram friends and acquaintances. She already has 10K followers on her Instagram, which you should definitely follow. For a sneak peek of her work here are some adorable Disney Princess illustrations that she’s done.



1. Princess Tiana looking very modern and very stylish. Love the attitude you can see in her smile.




2. You probably never expected Pocahontas to wear lip gloss but here she is and it looks great. Her whole outfit is giving us Coachella vibes.



3. We know Snow White is always associated with a red apple. But do you think a modern Snow White would be a fan of Apple products? Would she get the newest iPhone?


4. Alice in Wonderland looks a bit mischievous and definitely slightly punk or maybe soft goth. We’re loving those vibes.



5. Belle always loved books, so she’d probably be a very cool hipster nerd in the modern world. That esthetic really works for her.


6. Moana looking very cool and casual at the same time. Love her blushing cheeks and cute hairstyle.



7. Princess Jasmine with ripped jeans, because why not? She was always the rule breaker so it makes sense.



8. Merida the brave girl! Her hair looks so good and we love the style. She looks like a lovely Scottish ginger lass.


9. The Little Mermaid or Ariel looks sporty and cool. Love the little star detail on her face as a reference to her aquatic life.



10. Don’t you just love this version of Rapunzel? She’s got her long flowing hair, but she’s also dressed for adventure and has some green leaves stuck in her hair from running around in the park and exploring.


11. Elsa and Anna look so freaking cute here. The light blue outfit is a great reference to Elsa’s special abilities and Anna looks just happy to be hugging her best friend and sister.



12. Mulan looking like a little badass punk that she is. Those buns, those stripy tights, and that little smirk that tells you “I’ve got a secret” is so like her.


13. The Sleeping Beauty is usually depicted you know, actually sleeping in a bed, but we love how here she just looks all cozy and sweet in this illustration.



14. Cinderella always seemed a little bit preppy to me, and this illustration just proves it. And her hair in a bun makes so much sense, she wouldn’t have the time to mess around with it.