14 Hilarious Grandma Gifts You Never Knew You Wanted

Let’s get one thing straight – grandmas are awesome. They’re always there to cheer you up. Whether by being amusingly blunt, or by saying some truly weird things, or by making you some yummy cookies, or, if you’re really lucky, your grandma might just get you the best gift you never knew you always wanted. Let’s take a look at some hilarious gifts people got from their awesome grandmas.



1. Grandmas can make all sorts of hats. Even turkey shaped ones.



2. Speaking of crocheted blankets. Look at this Mario blanket. Are you jealous yet?



3. What about these amazing Viking hats with beards? I freaking wish my grandma could make me one of those.

4. Grandmas will crochet and knit everything. Including car accessories.



5. A fabulous vest for a night out. Also made by a grandma. Wonder if she was serious or does this grandma just have a great sense of humor and this is just an elaborate joke.15_Hilarious_Grandma_Gifts_You_Never_Knew_You_Wanted_5

6. Sometimes what looks like a boring photo album, might actually be the best graduation gift ever.



7. Perhaps his grandma just really loves cats. Or maybe she’s in on his recreational activities.



8. When at least your grandma can appreciate your childish poop jokes.

9. If you’re worried no one sees you as a knight in shining armor, rest assured, your grandma does.



10. Best t-shirt ever gifted by a grandma. Because you’ll always be a kid to her. Even when you’re a grown man.

11. When you joke about wanting a 100 gifts for Christmas and your grandma thinks “challenge accepted” and goes to the dollar store.



12. Some grandmas are just sweet this way.



13. This grandma might have a lot of time on her hands to create such a creative quilt. Or maybe she just really freaking loves scrabble.

14. Grandmas gotta make sure their grandchildren don’t freeze off their noses in the winter.