7 Modern Female Rap And Hip-Hop Artists You Should Watch Out For

Women are taking the rap and hip-hip scene by storm and we admit that we enjoy it greatly. It’s all about girls power, feeling confident, looking good, and being proud to be born a woman. Female rap and hip-hop artists are all about making bold statements, which in turn makes their music fresh and exciting. Here are 7 modern female rap and hip-hop artists you need to watch out for this year.



Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is good in so many ways: she’s bold in her texts, daring in her clothing, and inspirational to all the girls out there who are feeling down for some reason. Many consider Nicki the Hip Hop Queen of the 21st century. Whether it is true or not, we believe Nicki Minaj is one of the most hard-working artists in the industry and her razor-sharp rap flow is a true masterpiece!



Cardi B
The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper from Bronx became a real hit after appearing on Love and Hip Hop. Today Cardi B is a professional musician with several number-one singles on Billboard Hot 100, which is kind of a big thing for lady rappers.

Iggy Azalea
There is some controversy surrounding the artist, yet we can’t deny the fact that Iggy Azalea is incredibly brave and talented. She was bold enough to offer collaboration to stars like J. Lo, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande to create more girl power, she dresses so good it hurts to look at her sometimes, and she loves herself and is not afraid to admit it. We love Iggy for her amazing spirit!

Janelle Monáe
This Grammy-nominated singer hit the hip hop world hard back in 2010 with her impeccable new style that mixed science fiction, great theatrics, and soulful R&B sound with a retro twist. Yep, it sounds so good because it is! She’s pure talent!

Lil’ Kim
When it comes to female artists in rap and hip hop, Lil’ Kim is the ultimate Queen Bee and no one can take that title from her. Her legacy is just too great! She’s been among the first girls who made it big in the hip hop industry infested by males. Her rhymes are fierce, her texts are bold and honest, and she has her own opinion on female sexuality which she’s not afraid to talk about. She’s probably the most influential female rapper in the whole world!

This star-in-the-making from Chicago was 18 years old when she first hit it big in the industry, pairing with Timbaland, her producer. She regards herself as a simple girl that, unlike most female rappers, doesn’t want to be the next Nicki Minaj. She’s fresh, original, true to herself, and likes to take risks when it comes to music. Go and check out what this girl has produced over the last few years!

Jessie Reyez
This Colombian rapper emerged in 2017 with an exciting LP Kiddo, which showcased her incredibly soulful voice that would make Amy Winehouse envious and awesome guitar skills. Her texts are full of big confessions and we’re sure this girl will go big real soon!