7 Most Famous Blondes Who Aren’t Naturally Blonde

People sometimes assume that to make it in Hollywood or just become famous, you should probably go blonde. After all, there’s a cliche that blondes have more fun, some even believe that blonde women appear to be more attractive than brunettes or redheads. It’s all subjective of course, and if you take a look at famous people’s hairstyles these days you’ll find every color of the rainbow. However, going blonde has really worked for some of our favorite celebs. Let’s take a look at 7 most famous blondes who aren’t naturally blonde.



1. Charlize Theron
Most people can’t even imagine Charlize Theron as anything but blonde, that’s how firmly cemented that image of the blonde beauty is in our head. She chose to be blonde very early in her career and has stuck to it since. But the truth is, her natural hair color is reddish brown.



2. Jennifer Aniston
We all found out about Jennifer Aniston when she appeared on Friends as Rachel. Her blonde cascading hair became a phenomenon. People all over the world were coming to hair salons requesting “the Rachel” as a hairstyle and we’ve got to admit it’s not hard to see why. That hairstyle still looks cool, even decades later. But look at what Jennifer used to look like back in 1992. Not so blonde, huh?

3. Madonna
Madonna experimented a lot with her hair color throughout her career, but we all remember her best as a blonde, since she stuck with that color for the longest. Madonna is probably the most famous American singer, but she has Italian roots, so her hair is naturally pretty dark, so just imagine the amount of bleach she went through in her lifetime to stay blonde.

4. Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn is known for her beautiful figure and her blonde hair, she’s the perfect blonde Hollywood bombshell. Few of you have probably ever gotten a chance to see her with dark hair, but again, she wasn’t quite born that way.

5. Nicole Kidman
Nicole has been fateful to blonde hair for most of her career, but she’s naturally a redhead, and a very curly one at that. At first she attempted to tame her wild curls by styling them into relaxed waves, but eventually she started bleaching and straightening them the way she does now.

6. Reese Witherspoon
Reese’s big brake in Hollywood was her role in Legally Blonde and it seems like she’s stayed blonde since. Her natural hair color isn’t that dark, it’s kind of sandy brown or dirty blonde, but the bleached blonde locks suit her much more, don’t you think?

7. Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone became famous as a blonde, and that’s probably why she kept up this hairstyle for years. She looks stunning in her natural color, but she does look way more daring and dangerous with blonde locks.