8 American Women Who Became Real Life Princesses

Most of us have wanted to be a princess at least once in our lives. Even if it was back in the day when we were 5, obsessed with Disney, running around the garden in a plastic tiara and a tutu. But as we all know, you don’t become a princess, you have to be born one. Except that’s not entirely true is it? There is one way of becoming a princess if you weren’t lucky enough to be born into a royal family, and that’s to marry a prince. Yes, that’s not the most likely scenario for most of us, but it is actually possible. And today we’re going to talk about 8 American women who became real life princesses.



1. Grace Kelly
The story of Grace Kelly becoming a princess is probably the most famous one. She was already a famous actress and probably had no idea she would eventually became a princess when she was invited to a photoshoot with the Prince of Monaco. But as history tells us, the Prince came back to America again for her and they got married shortly afterwards.



2. Rita Hayworth
While Grace Kelly’s story might be the most famous case of an actress becoming a princess, Rita Hayworth was actually the first Hollywood actress to achieve the princess status by marrying a prince. Sure, her marriage to Prince Aly Khan didn’t last long, and they divorced when Rita realized she can’t keep up with her husband’s busy life and her responsibilities as a royal but for a brief moment in her life she was a princess.

3. Kendra Spears
This gorgeous girl was born in Seattle and had no clue what life had in store for her when she decided to take part in a MySpace modeling contest. Well, she won the contest, signed a deal with Ford Models and got a chance to walk the runway for Hermes, Valentino, Gucci and many others, she traveled the world and got a lot of incredible opportunities, before deciding she still wants to finish her degree in Washington. You might think that was a strange move, her career was going so well, why stop now? Well, as fate might have it, an even bigger opportunity was waiting for her. She met Prince Rahim Aga Khan and married him in 2013, effectively becoming a princess. What’s even more interesting is that Prince Rahim is actually the son of Prince Aly Khan, who was once married to Rita Hayworth. Clearly the Khan family have a thing for American women.

4. Lisa Halaby
Lisa was a very lucky girl to begin with. Her parents were government officials who worked with the Truman administration and later on with John F. Kennedy. However, Lisa was always interested in the Middle East, and it was that interest that eventually led her to becoming a princess. She ended up working for an architectural firm in Iran, where she met her future husband Hussein of Jordan. At first they became very close friends, and quickly after that they got married and had 4 children together.



5. Joan Dillon
Joan’s father was also an American government official. In fact he was the US Treasury Secretary, and later on became a US ambassador to France. Naturally Joan travelled to France with her father and that’s where she met her future husband Prince Charles of Luxembourg. However, marrying into royalty wasn’t easy for her, due to her previous marriage. She was divorced, and that’s a big deal when you’re trying to marry a prince. She had to jump through hoops to actually be able to marry Prince Charles, but it was all worth it in the end.

6. Alexandra Miller
Alexandra met her future Prince Charming through work. She was actually working as an image director for Diane von Furstenberg and ended up marrying her only son Prince Alexander von Furstenberg, which made Alexandra “Her Serene Highness Princess Alexandra of Furstenberg”. Their marriage lasted about a decade and ended in divorce. But hey, she was a princess for a decade, so….worth it?

7. Olivia Wilde
You probably know Olivia best for her role as 13 on House M.D. and you most likely know that she’s now happily married to Jason Sudeikis, a comedian. But did you know that she was a princess in the past? That’s right, she was once married to an Italian prince Tao Ruspoli. Olivia and her Prince eloped after knowing each other for only 6 months, and what’s more, Olivia was only 18 at the time. However impulsive that marriage was, it did last 8 years, which is a lifetime in Hollywood. So, good job, Princess Olivia.

8. Kelly Rondestvedt
Kelly was born in San Diego, California, graduated from UCLA, moved to New York and was on her way to becoming a successful NY investment banker when she met her prince. She claims she saw him across the restaurant, while out with her friends having dinner. Kelly says that for her it was love at first sight. Well how lucky for her that the handsome stranger across the room turned out to be a German prince Hubertus and ended up proposing to her a year later. The two married at his family’s Palace, but they continue to live in NY and both work in banking.