8 Gorgeous Models That Have Imperfections

Models are basically perfection personified, right? I mean they’re beautiful and gorgeous, they’re fit and always in shape, they have the perfect proportions and the loveliest hair and the whitest teeth and the clearest skin. That’s what we think most of the time. However, reality is rarely that simple. There’s quite a few models who we think look absolutely amazing and are basically perfect in our eyes, but actually they have their own imperfections that they used to struggle with but have learned to accept. Let’s take a look, shall we?



1. Cara Delevingne
Cara has really become the symbol of beauty in the past couple of years. People dream to look like her, have eyebrows like her, be as gorgeous and charming as she is. However, Cara suffers from psoriasis, which is a skin condition, and it’s something that used to interfere majorly with her modeling career. It used to be worse when she was stressed, which is a lot of the time when you’re modeling. It was even partially a reason why she chose to move away from modeling and into acting. But you still think she’s awesome, don’t you?



2. Naomi Campbell
There’s no arguing with the fact that Naomi Campbell is a gorgeous lady, but did you know that there was a time in her life when she suffered from traction alopecia. This basically means she was losing hair and developing bald patches from wearing extensions, tight braids and just hairstyles that were pulling on her hair too much. It used to be a source of a lot of stress and worry for her, but now she says that it’s hardly shocking to find out people in the industry use fake hair, so she got over it.


3. Kristy Hinze
Kristy Hinze has a larger nose than most models typically do, but she doesn’t consider it to be an imperfection. In fact, it never stopped her from having a career as a TV host, getting onto the cover of Australian Vogue as the youngest model, or taking part in a Victoria’s Angel catalogue shoot. It’s a feature that makes her unique and that’s great.


4. Breanne Rice
Breanne Rice has vitiligo, but she used to hide it. She didn’t tell even her friends and family for years. She just hid the condition by using special cosmetic products and makeup. It took her a decade to get the courage to speak up about it openly and show the world what it looks like. And you know what? She’s still gorgeous!



5. Laura O’Grady
Laura has rather big ears and it’s something she used to be very self-conscious about. But she says that being in the fashion industry really helped her accept herself the way she is and appreciate her looks. It’s good to be different and stand out a little, it makes you memorable.


6. Lara Stone
Lara Stone has a gap in between her front teeth, and it’s rather big and visible. Many would be self-conscious about it, but she doesn’t worry about it at all, and rightly so. It’s actually very cute. She’s way more concerned about losing her shoes on the runway, because she has rather small feet for a model.


7. Elle Macpherson
Elle, on the other hand has large feet. She wears a size 7, which isn’t really that big considering how tall she is, and yet she gets quite a few comments about her large feet on the daily. Good thing she chooses not to pay any attention to those comments and continues to love and appreciate her body just the way it is.


8. Padma Lakshmi
Padma has a rather large and very visible scar on her arm. She got it a long time ago in a car accident, when she was still a kid. Many people would probably try to hide it, but Padma doesn’t care. She makes no effort to hide it and often wears sleeveless tops and dresses. You just have to live your life and dress the way you want to, scar or not.