9 Actors That Always Play The Same Role in Everything

Some actors are known for their one memorable breakout role, or the challenging physical nature of the roles they take on. But others seem to play the same roles over and over again, because they’re just so darn good at rocking that one type of character. Here are your favorite actors and actresses with roles that always seem to hit the same notes.



1. Bruce Willis
Bruce always plays a bicep-laden badass with that one squinty expression in all his movies. “The Fifth Element”, “Die Hard”, “Looper”… we could go on forever.



2. Michael Cera
This guy has played the awkward role so well so many times, that we’re not sure if he’s nailed the character, or is just an incredibly awkward man off-screen as well. Even when he’s 40, this guy is going to be playing the awkward teen. He famously played that role in “Superbad”, “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”, and “Juno”.

3. Jason Statham
This guy is killing it in real life – he’s an A-list star with a hot UK accent who’s married to a supermodel. And his on-screen roles just add a dose of James Bond to these roles, like “The Transporter”, “Spy”, and “The Mechanic”. It’s always some sort of assassin in action-packed scenes that never dies. But with a hot Brit like Statham playing these roles, we can’t complain.

4. Michelle Rodriguez
Yup, Ms Rodriguez is resident baddie of Hollywood. Other actresses have played these Lara Tomb type roles before, but this tough gal always takes the cakes for ultimate mean chick who looks like she’s done years in prison and is hiding a shank in her tights, as evident in films like “The Fast and The Furious”, and “Machete Kills”, and “Battle: Los Angeles”.



5. Seth Rogen
Yup, you already know this one. Rogen plays the affable ginger stoner with a dad bod in pretty much every movie. He’s always well-intentioned but aloof to the chaos around him. Somehow, we never get bored of this funny guy in flicks like “Pineapple Express” and “This Is The End”.

6. Paul Rudd
Not far off from Rogen, Rudd also sits in the lovable dad-bod cuties in all of your favorite comedies like Knocked Up. Except he looks a little more responsible and down to earth than his stoner buddy, so he actually gets to play a dad or at least doting husband in most of his roles (“This Is 40” and “I Love You Man”)

7. Zooey Deschanel
Movies love to give the quirky girl or manic pixie girl role to Deschanel, and she always plays it with wide-eyed eagerness. Before her regular quirkiness on her show “New Girl”, she was the adorable but random hipster chick who would whip out a ukulele or do crazy, spontaneous stuff. She aced these roles in “500 Days Of Summer”, “Elf”, “Yes Man”, and even starting out in roles like “Almost Famous”.)



8. Katherine Heigl
Ah, perpetually stuck in the “27 Dresses” role rut. We’re not sure whether Katherine is happy about this or resentful, but she is 100% known as the neurotic rom com gal who is over men and always 5 seconds from a breakdown. Should have stuck with Greys Anatomy, Kat!

9. Helena Bonham Carter
Ah, Hollywood’s token weirdo and ex wife of equally weird Tim Burton. She’s known for her un-Hollywood gothic look and affinity for arthouse movies, but is always cast as the eccentric wild woman, as seen in “Fight Club”, “Sweeney Todd”, and “Alice in Wonderland”.The lady’s a walking Halloween Costume, no matter what she does!