9 Celebrities That Are Complete Weirdos

Celebrities can often feel like they’re sitting on some lofty pedestal, watching us peasants from below. They seem otherworldly in their perfection. But some celebs are just straight up weird. And these relatable stars make us feel proud to let our freak flag fly. Here are the strangest celebs that we adore for their bizarre antics.



1. Miley Cyrus
People once hated her for Hannah Montana, then they hated her for twerking. But either way, she doesn’t care. She’s just doing Miley. From Disney starlet to pansexual tongue-wagging stoner, she’s every parent’s worst nightmare, but we love her for her weirdness!



2. James Franco
This guy has played some wacky roles, dresses in drag, and talks about himself in third person. He is both an actor, and a bizarre addition to the art world, creating a Kickstarter project that involved selling “invisible art” or 10k. Artist or insane? We’ll never know, but we’re fans regardless.

3. Joaquin Phoenix
This dude is still an enigma of facial hair and sunglasses, and we’re not really sure what’s up with him, but we’re into it. Remember that time that he faked/experienced a nervous breakdown on David Letterman? Was it real or fake? We still have no idea. He claimed it was for his mockumentary, but this guy has had a past of eccentric shenanigans, we wouldn’t be shocked if it went from mock to doc.

4. Shailene Woodley
Ok, Shailene might be cute and all, but she’s still a total weirdo, and we salute her for it! She’s a bizarro modern day hippie who brushes her teeth with clay and sesame oil, sunbathes her genitals, and wears those weird finger shoes to award shows.



5. Tilda Swinton
Tilda looks like a character out of a Tim Burton movie most of the time, and participated in an art exhibit where she slept in a glass box and people watched. Can you get weirder? Tilda is an androgynous inspiration to embrace your inner freak, and admits that when she went to boarding school she didn’t enjoy, she “didn’t speak for five years”. Intense.

6. Shia LaBeouf
Nevermind the bright purple spandex leggings that were a size too small – now he’s on the Franco train, doing weird art exhibits about himself and fame, wearing paper bags around his head to award shows that read “I am not famous anymore” and live-streaming his face in movie theaters.

7. Kanye West
Kanye has jumped aboard the weird train post-Kardashian, and his already inflated ego has now evolved to dizzying heights, resulting in half hour speeches at concerts and calling himself Jesus. Marrying the selfie queen definitely took Kanye’s weirdness to a new level. He now doesn’t smile in images because in 19th century paintings, the lack of smiling made subjects look more “real”. Ok, then.



8. Aubrey Plaza
We are so into this Parks and Recreation weirdo, it’s hard not to have a girl crush on her. She’s the antithesis of the ditzy girl, and is actually a little bit scary. If you try to talk to her, she will probably devour you with her deadpan snark. She will definitely not smile for you if you ask nicely, and we wouldn’t want her any other way.

9. Dennis Rodman
This guy might be the original weirdo. From his crossdressing to his friendship with Kim Jong Un to his bizarre, dyed, pierced and tatted appearance, this guy truly might be an alien. In 1997, he kicked a cameraman right in the junk for no reason, head-butted a referee, declared himself bisexual and then married himself donning makeup and a wedding dress. And promoted his autobiography by laying in a coffin. Fame, what do you do to people?