9 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Incidents

Have you ever had an awkward interaction with a celebrity? Does the memory of it plague you to this day? Well thank heavens above that at least no one, apart from you, will remember that unfortunate incident. It would be much worse if that awkward moment was televised or even worse, immortalized on the internet. That happens, and not just to us, mere mortals, but to famous celebs too. Becoming famous isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, and just because you have a huge following and your fans adore you, doesn’t guarantee that all other celebs will know who you are or want to be friends with you. You might get snubbed by them, and oh my, awkward is not a strong enough word to describe how that feels. So let’s take a look at some of the most cringeworthy celebrity incidents and enjoy the fact that it hasn’t happened to us.



1.Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid
It must be hella awkward when a celeb you know chooses to hug all of your bandmates in front of you, but gives you a stiff handshake instead. It seems way too elaborate and contrived to be an accident, so Gigi must’ve done it on purpose. Does she have something against Harry, does his reputation preceded him or did she give him the cold shoulder on behalf of her friends Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner? We’ll never know, but we can all agree that was awkward as hell.



2. Kylie Jenner and Ryan Reynolds
Do you think Deadpool himself, a.k.a Ryan Reynolds cared that he was snubbed by reality TV star and a social media personality Kylie Jenner? Probably not, but you’ve got to agree it’s not great being seated at an event next to someone who has no interest in talking to you, especially if that event is the Met Gala. Clearly Kylie doesn’t give a damn that she’s surrounded by Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Donatella Versace, etc. Whatever is on her phone must be way more exciting.

3. Bella Hadid and The Weekend
We wonder for whom was this situation more awkward for. The Weekend or Bella Hadid. Cause running into your ex sucks no matter where it happens, but when it’s on stage it’s gotta suck more. On one hand Bella definitely looks unhappy about running into The Weekend, you can tell by her face. On the other hand, she is walking for Victoria’s Secret, looking incredible in their lingerie, so The Weekend must’ve felt a tinge of regret about the split up, right?

4. Jerry Seinfeld and Ke$ha
Who doesn’t love Jerry Seinfeld? He’s everyone’s favourite comedian that makes us feel nostalgic about our childhood and we love him for that. Clearly, Ke$ha is no exception. Look at her fan-girling over Jerry and asking for a hug. She comes to him with open arms, expecting him to reciprocate, but Jerry politely declines. You’d think one “no, thank you” would suffice, but Ke$ha asks THREE times! Come on, girl, that was so cringeworthy, he has no clue who you are, why would he hug you?



5. Amy Schumer with Kim and Kanye
Only Amy Schumer would think that a good way of catching the attention of someone cool is to fall flat on your face in front of them on the red carpet. I mean, we get it, she’s a comedian and the pictures do look funny. But clearly Kim and Kanye did not really get the joke. At least Kim looks a bit amused by the whole situation but Kanye is not impressed, as per usual.

6. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn
Here’s another brilliant example of former couples meeting in public. Is that not the most cringeworthy, uncomfortable, awkward hug you’ve ever seen? You weren’t there, but you still feel the secondhand uneasiness just from looking at this picture, right?

7. Jessica Lange and Lea Michele
When you’re elated to see someone and they walk by, without even glancing at you. We feel you, Lea. Good job, trying to pretend it didn’t happen and doing a hair flip, but everyone saw what happened. That’s one of the unfortunate side-effects of having all cameras on you.



8. Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Lawrence
Remember that time Jack Nicholson appeared out of nowhere and told Jennifer Lawrence she looked like one of his old girlfriends? And she wasted no time replying with “ Do I look like a new one?” Her face right after that is just priceless. Like she can’t believe that actually happened. It might’ve been awkward for Jennifer but it made for an amazing Oscars memory for us and everyone involved.

9. John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett might’ve said that it was just an awkward angle, and the kiss John Travolta gave her in greeting was actually completely welcome and actually sweet, but come on. Look at her face. She looks like she doesn’t want to be there and John looks like he’s not getting the hint.