Artist Creates Underwater Photographs That Look More Stunning Than Renaissance Paintings

Christy Lee Rogers has been fascinated by water as long as she can remember herself. Right now she’s an acclaimed artist with a distinct style and spectacular technique that turn her underwater photographs into real works of art. They are filled with drama, deep emotion, and real character. Looking at some of her works it’s hard to believe they weren’t painted or somehow meddled with to create the special feelings of ease and flow. Using the peculiar refraction effect, Christy Lee Rogers plays with colors and lighting underwater like no other artist you’ve seen before. Here are some of her most breathtaking works.



Growing up on the Oahu Island in Hawaii, Christy was always drawn to water and the duality it offered. On one hand you felt amazingly free and weightless underwater, yet on the other hand there was the inability to breathe and the panic it caused in every cell of a human body.



The artist has a deep respect for water and feels that we as human beings should pay more attention to the way we treat it.



After all, we are mostly made of water and life on this planet would be impossible without water. Using water as her inspiration and source of creativity, Christy is drawing everyone’s attention to one of the many things we take for granted.


Water helps express so many things from serenity of underworld to the chaos of our everyday lives, that it’s virtually impossible to cover them all in one go. That’s one of the reasons Christy loves water so much!



Remember the movie Moana and the way the main character connected to water? Water even came to life! Christy feels much the same way about it and believes water offers a deeper understanding of us as human beings living on this planet.


So where do all these majestic images come from? Christy is constantly inspired by all things legendary, epic, and beautiful. Quiet a lot of things fall into that description!



Of course, the artist is inspired by art itself and you can actually feel it in most of her works, especially the last photography series named Muse. The way she plays with colors and lighting is reminiscent of masters of the old like Michelangelo himself!



She also loves tales of the ancient world like the lost city of Atlantis and is an avid fan of various fantasies, including the one created by J. R. R. Tolkien.


The artist gets inspired by new things as well – like the spectacular concert venues created by Muse, the breathtaking compositions of Hans Zimmer and Imagine Dragons, and movies by Georges Méliès.



While her photos may look subtle, passionate, and free-flowing, Christy admits that the whole creative process is far from those things.


She feels great stress creating each photo, feeling like it could actually be the last one. From that inner pressure true art is born!



One of her objectives is to take the viewer to a different realm, a fantasy that seems too real to be true. Christy tends to overthink things and that’s one of the reasons she’s nervous while creating her works.



Playing with texture and different textiles, the artist creates a multi-dimensional space filled with emotional characters and unusual postures.


We can all agree that her vision is unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s a rare treat to see a true artist being born with such expressive artistic taste!



If photos could speak, what stories would they tell?