Celebs That Women Think Are Hot, But Men Don’t 


There are a handful of female celebrities that fall into the rare and unusual category of women that other women crush on hard, but that guys are totally turned off by. We look at them and see a strong, fashionable and beautiful woman – but what we define as beautiful, men don’t always define as hot. Here’s a list of ladies in the spotlight who get our approval, but don’t make the cut for the boys.



1. Taylor Swift
How could anyone deny Queen Tay’s beauty? Apparently, guys think this leggy blond is too skinny, and her tiny eyes and chiseled face just mean she needs a sandwich – oh well, guess the youthful and girlish look can’t win all the time.

2. Kaley Cuoco
Kaley used to be a heartthrob for both lady and dude fans, but her decision to lop off all her hair made that declaration of hotness a lot less unanimous, and we heard a resounding “nope” from guys all over.

3. Lady Gaga
An icon among the girls and the gays, this diva does not hold the heart of too many straight men. Her outfit and looks have often been compared to drag or theater, and don’t really shout “girlfriend material” to a lot of guys. She’s criticized for her current weight gain and new affinity for a natural, makeup free look, but we still think she’s gorgeous.

4. Fergie
This Black Eyed Peas cutie has a banging body and can belt for days – but her face has been compared to Carrot Top, and guys also hate her leathery look and botox and plastic, hardened look. Fergie, even if you have sort of turned into Tan Mom, your looks are still #goals.

5. Miley Cyrus
It’s true, women love her badass don’t-care nature, but guys hate her over-sexualized try-hard attempts and how she’s cut off all her hair. Her not so curvy body has been compared to a lizard and her face a chipmunk, and others think she looks like Justin Bieber with long armpit hair. Whatever, clearly they just can’t handle the newly liberated Miley.

6. Tilda Swinton
Tilda looks like a straight up alien half the time, but it’s part of why we love her. With her uber-pale skin and invisible eyelashes, she wears outfits that look like they’re from outer space, and that none of us would dare to wear. While we find her outfits and look so stunning, guys are very freaked out by her bizarre androgynous look, and very turned off by it.

7.Florence Welch
Who can’t resist a musician babe? Apparently all the guys out there, who have gone from calling out her pale skin, to fearing her ginger beauty, to questioning her gender due to her strong jawline and bone structure. While the Florence and the Machine singer doesn’t brush her hair too often and is often wearing a ton of fabric, or a dominating power jumpsuit, which can be intimidating.

8. Reese Witherspoon
She definitely falls more in the “cute girl next door” category than a curvy vixen like Megan Fox, but this pocket-sized cutie is often found to be more adorable than beautiful by men. She’s definitely not leggy, has got an intense chin, and her sweet, open smile isn’t as sultry as some might like. But we love it!

9. The Olsen Twins
Mary Kate and Ashley are all of our fashion icons, and we love their kind of ghostly, waif-like look. But guys think they just look like ghosts. Or terrified lemurs. Or starving children. Fashionable five-foot tall women who drape themselves with carpets/sheets over fitting clothing might have that effect on guys.



10. Sarah Jessica Parker
People are pretty extreme about the topic of Ms. Parker’s face – women think that she’s stunning and idolize her due to her “Sex And The City” days, while men have gone from name-calling as cruel as comparing her face to a foot, or a horse. They pick on her nose and voice, but #SexAndTheCity4Ever, so they can shove it.

11. Uma Thurman
Uma is a lovely creature and no one can deny her unique looks – unique, however, in the eyes of men, mean not so alluring…