Chinese Girl Makes Her Grandpa’s Dream Come True


Most people are pretty sentimental when it comes to their relatives. We all want to please our parents, we want siblings to succeed and we want our grandparents to live forever. But life doesn’t always go that way for everyone.



Fu Xuewei’s parents divorced when she was ten and since then she’s been brought up by her grandparents. She formed a special relationship with them, and now at 25 she insists on taking care of them. Fu’s grandfather became ill recently and ended up in hospital. The doctors said this was a serious illness and that he could pass away at any moment. This propelled Fu into action.

She knew that her grandfather always wanted to walk her down the aisle and see her as a bride, so she decided to make that dream a reality before it was too late. However, since she’s only 25 and therefore in no rush to get married, she had to be creative.

Fu Xuewei’s solution was brilliant. She secretly booked a gorgeous photoshoot for just her and her grandfather. She told the grandpa they were going for a regular check up at the hospital and the grandfather went along, since he had no idea what Fu had actually planned.



Imagine his surprise when he saw his granddaughter in a beautiful wedding gown and ready to be walked down the aisle by her 87 year old grandpa.

It’s unclear if Fu has also arranged for a costume change for grandpa, or if he’s just a very stylish man on the daily basis, but we’ve got to say, despite the surprise the grandpa looked incredibly dapper in his suit.

The photos came out absolutely stunning and you can really see how much Fu cares for her grandpa and how much he cares for her.



But Fu’s devotion to her grandpa didn’t end there. She also has a tattoo of her grandpa on her arm. She says she got it to always remember him and so that her new friends and her future family would have a chance to see what he looked like.

If you, like us, are trying your best not to cry at how touching this story was, go show some love to your grandparents. Visit them for a cup of tea and a nice chat if you can, or at least give them a call. They won’t be around forever and you need to cherish every moment you have with them.