Digital Artist Turns Famous Fast Food Mascots Into Anime

A particularly imaginative digital artist from the Philippines named Ozumii Wizard has married the world of fast food and anime, which for many, sounds like a dream come true. Also kind of unusual for a female artist, and we’re digging it. Her interpretations of all things fast food from Starbucks to KFC will light up your day.



For instance, Colonel Sanders gets a sexy silver fox makeover that gives us some very different feelings about him. Ronald McDonald could also get it. Or what about Wendy, whose tight red braids get a messy remix, and the addition of a teeny-tiny nose and big saucer eyes. The Starbucks lady, on the other hand, gets short-shorts and a long green mane that is 100% an upgrade.

Some of these look transformed into fairy tale characters, and we love the inspiration she takes from different well-known tales and characters at all points in history. Teavana and Starbucks look like they should be BFFS, and we’re into this Wendy and Ronald McDonald as ‘Peter Pan’ characters scenario.



When is Ozumii going to grace us with the TV show version of her illustrations that we’ve been dying for? Or maybe an anime cooking show? Fans are also dying for a take on Taco Bell, so hopefully we see one of those in the near future.

We do wish she was a little more body-positive in her illustrations, since a lot of them get the classic European features + 8-pack/big boobs/tiny waist combination, but we’re also not complaining about the sexy Disney Prince-ification of all the guys on this list, either. We wonder what all their superpowers would be.



Anyways, it’s a good way to help you forget that all of these corporations are terrible and greedy, as is everyone in charge of everything in the world this year. Ozumii turns something ugly into something sweet and adorable that we can smile at. She takes commissions as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. We think fast food crops should take a leaf out of her book and switch up their logos with more whimsical ones like this. Thoughts?