Feminism, Freedom & Fears: 10 New TV Series About The Lives Of Women

Women’s history is full of bumpy rides, hardships, and challenges, which makes it a perfect inspiration for TV show producers. And not only that! Female history keeps changing as we speak and it is not half as bad right now as it used to be, say, 100 years ago. Women have started talking about their problems, fears, and aspirations. Being emotional creatures, their stories are always filled with drama, humour, and all kinds of weird and inspiring details. It’s cool to be a woman and we’re glad so many TV show makers are with us on this. Here are 10 new TV series about the lives of women you simply can’t miss.



Orphan Black
We love sci-fi just as the next guy (or girl), which makes Orphan Black an ideal choice for binge-watching. Gorgeous Tatiana Maslany plays the leading ladies, and yes we mean more than one character. As the story goes, a street hustler witnesses a girl looking just like her commit suicide. Naturally, she gets curious and starts digging into the life of her ‘twin’. The secrets she uncovers are mind-blowing! And yes, there are more clones that look just like her, but with lives so different that it’s hard to believe all this is actually happening.



This TV show is bound to make you smile more than you expected. Anne is a free-spirited girl that gets sent to a foster home by mistake. There she is unwanted and her life is filled with all kinds of challenges, but she remains true to herself despite all the hardships and that fiery-red mane of hair she hates so much. She’s filled with optimism and dreams, and soon all the people around her start changing little by little.


The Handmaid’s Tale
This horrendous dystopian TV show is based on a feminist bestseller by Margaret Atwood and will most definitely give you the creeps. It’s impossible to stay unmoved when you see perfectly normal women being turned into birth-giving slaves according to someone’s grand plan as to what is right for them. This TV show is as creepy as it is genius, so a definite must-watch for everyone who’s into dark future plots.



Broad City
This sitcom is everything you wanted to know about the life in New York City. It’s gritty, funny, hysterical, and somewhat disturbing, but you’ll love it nonetheless. Broad City follows the lives of two girls, Abbi and Ilana, who are living on a budget and are trying to have some fun any way they can.


The Sinner
The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel, is a compelling and somewhat appalling study of human psyche in general and female psyche in particular. Cora Tanetti started her day as usual, with her husband and son, but ended it with going to jail for murdering a stranger at the beach. Yep, she wasn’t expecting that either! Detective Harry Ambrose is doing his best to understand her motive, but it seems there isn’t one. Until, of course, the truth starts unfolding in a slow and unpredictable manner.



G. L. O. W.
Netflix isn’t afraid to go all feminist on us, presenting the viewers with a truly fascinating story of women becoming wrestlers or at least trying to play them the best way they can. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, which is really what the show is about. Yet the wrestling women aren’t professionals and the guy recruiting him is a director trying to make a name for himself. Nonetheless, he’s interested in them succeeding on this path that is long, fun, and full of unexpected challenges. The show is funny, dramatic, emotional, and will definitely keep you glued to the screen!


Broadchurch comes back with the 3rd and last season, exploring one of the most disturbing topics – sexual assault. A 50-year-old woman has been raped and two detectives need to turn the life of a small town inside out once again to find out the truth. This season raises a lot of important and hard questions and, for once, tries to find answers to them.


13 Reasons Why
This TV show raises one of the most difficult topics – bullying. Young girl Hannah commits suicide for no apparent reason, being a nice and ‘perfectly normal’ girl, according to her friends and relatives. Yet Hannah had secrets, and one of them became the straw that broke the camel’s back. After her death, Clay Jensen, her schoolmate, finds a box on his doorstep, containing 13 tapes recorded by Hannah, revealing the reasons why she committed suicide.



If you ever wondered what it was like to be a courtesan in 18th century London, well, now you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes. These are real stories of women who tried to do the best they could, being courtesans as well as mothers, all the while doing one of the most despised jobs in the world. The TV show is dramatic and highly realistic, it doesn’t romanticize the harlots, on the contrary, it fully reveals all the hardships they had to face on a daily basis.


Insecure is a dramedy you really want on your must-watch list. This show explores what it is like to be a modern black woman and all the challenges, both fun and tragic, that go with it, from a perspective of two lifelong friends – Issa and Molly. Issa works at school and has a bit of a middle age crisis, as well as concerns about her long-term relationships which aren’t satisfying anymore, while Molly is a successful lawyer with a love life far from perfect. The show is truly addictive from the very first episode!