Here’s What Disney Princes Would Look Like in Real Life

When you were little, you swooned at every Disney prince to grace the screen. As you grew up and out of your Disney phase, you realized that having a fantasy crush on a cartoon character was a bit sad, and so you moved on to the more real characters of television and movies. Luckily, an artist whose name is Jirka Väätäinen out there exists, and can fulfill those childhood yearnings for animated princes, transforming them into jaw-droppingly sexy 3D portraits that even adult you will need to sit down for.



Is it weird to say eyebrows on fleck for a dude that you are attracted to? Because this Prince Eric in an updated polo is serving up so much fierce with his. And that smile? We are mesmerized.

Prince Charming is really dripping swag with his royal gear and that distant gaze off (hopefully to your future together). Handsome, well-groomed, and that fine military gear? Cinderella hit the damn jackpot on this one.

Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast – and a sexy beast at that. Jirka really turned up the Fabio pout and hair on this one, but we’re not complaining. Also look at that fine male #freethenipple moment. *Sigh*

We don’t remember Prince Phillip’s hair being that amazing, but if this is what he looked like, we would have woken up way quicker if we were in Sleeping Beauty’s position. Giving total Ryan Philippe vibes in “Cruel Intentions”, and we are fanning ourselves out of this tizzy as a result.

Hercules is a straight-up male model in this representation. Man, what we would give to get under that armor. Jawline for days – kind of looks like a mix of James Dean and Elvis, and there are definitely no complaints over here.

This take on Tarzan makes him look like more of a blue-eyed skater boy heartthrob – we don’t mind the fact that he’s still shirtless and has a primitive “je ne sais quois” that we would love to explore further with our eyes/hands.

Um, we don’t remember Pocahontas’s John Smith looking identical to Smith in Sex and the City (coincidence, or both just very swoon-worthy man candy?) Probably the only man who can rock a V that deep without us rolling our eyes – one of those smoldering gazes and we’re done.

For all of those who are into cute brown boys, we haven’t forgotten you in this bevy of blond muscle machines. Aladdin is rocking that side swoop and giving us a little sneak peak of those abs, justifying every moment as a child that we have ever wanted to be Jasmine.

Captain Li Shang from Mulan was so stoic in the movie – and this artist created a realistically serious man to match with this Clavin Klein-esque hunk. We’d love a chance to break down those walls to give way to a playful side that will turn us on just as much as his impressive man bun.

If you’re into the whole hairy European thing/steroids look, Gaston is the jacked-up real life Prince of your dreams. While the smile is accurate, we’re not totally sure if we’re charmed. Sort of looks as though he really has to pee and is holding it in.