Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Is Now A Free Man And A Model

hot_convict_jeremy_meeks_is_now_a_free_man_and_a_model_00If you were ever interested in becoming a model, you know how hard it is to achieve that goal. Not only do you have to match certain physical standards, have specific measurements and also have a good looking face that would be considered beautiful and visually appealing in this day and age, but you also have to be lucky enough to be seen by the right people, signed by the right agency. While trying to match all of the above characteristics is hard enough, you should also have something unique about you, that sets you apart from everyone else. Now that you think about it, becoming a model isn’t that easy, right? Well, here’s a fresh idea: did you ever consider becoming a criminal?

hot_convict_jeremy_meeks_is_now_a_free_man_and_a_model_02While thousands of people are trying to break into the modeling business by booking photoshoots, hiring agents, posting various pictures of themselves on Instagram multiple times a day and going to any casting call they can get, Jeremy Meeks manages to get a modeling job while being behind bars. As you might already know, Jeremy attracted quite a lot of attention about 2 years ago.

hot_convict_jeremy_meeks_is_now_a_free_man_and_a_model_03He was arrested on felony weapon charges and had to serve time. While that’s kinda sad and disappointing, there’s a silver lining. While Jeremy was dealing with the repercussions of the felony he committed, his mugshot attracted a huge deal of attention on Facebook. The photo was shared thousands of times, it received tens of thousands of comments and was liked more than 50 000 times. What’s surprising is that the attention wasn’t negative. Thousands of shares, likes and comments were praising his looks. Turns out that despite the fact that Jeremy is a convict, the ladies love him. In fact, that’s exactly the reason he got nicknamed “the hot convict”.

hot_convict_jeremy_meeks_is_now_a_free_man_and_a_model_04You know how everyone deserves a second chance? Well, perhaps this is Jeremy’s second chance. He served his time, and now after 2 years, he’s finally a free man. He already signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management, so you know he’s on the way to success. His agent also shared some interesting details about Jeremy’s future prospects. Apparently there’s quite a few opportunities for him to work all over the world and there’s also some reality-show interest headed his way.

While we wish Jeremy all the best and hope that he doesn’t waste this amazing second chance he was granted, Jeremy seems most excited about getting to spend some quality time with his family.

He also seems very thankful for the opportunity and ready to get his life back on track. “I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. I’m ready @jimjordanphotography and @whitecrossmanagement – he wrote on instagram.



To get more info about the hot convict turned model and see what Jeremy’s up to follow his on his instagram @jmeeksofficial.