Indian Model Cosplays as 8 Disney Princesses And They Look Better Than The Originals


Hamel Patel is a model and makeup artist from North Carolina. Growing up she always wished there was a Disney Princess she could relate to, one that represented where she came from, – says Patel on her Instagram. So finally she took matters into her own hands and decided to dress up as her favorite Disney Princesses but with a little desi twist. We think you’ll find that traditional Indian fashion works really well for Disney Princess outfits, because all the colors and jewels really help to create this fantasy fairy tale look.



1. Snow White
You’ve got to admit Snow White looks even better and more impressive when she’s not actually super white. The blue and red really compliment Hamel’s complexion.



2. Pocahontas
Look at her eye makeup. It’s so beautiful and flawless and intricate. Loving the turquoise eyeliner here, it really adds something to this look.

3. Belle
Isn’t it amazing how this could be just a traditional Indian dress, for a special occasion or something, yet you can clearly tell she looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

4. Mulan
Mulan in Patel’s interpretation is badass and mysterious and incredibly beautiful of course. She really does look like a warrior princess.



5. Aurora
Aurora is always depicted as blonde and wearing a lot of pink. Well, we gotta say Aurora look much more impressive with a dark head of hair and some lovely gold accessories.

6. Jasmine
Patel’s Jasmine looks stunning. It’s hard to pick favorites when all of her Disney Princess looks are this good, but if we had to – we’d say this one is the best.

7. Cinderella
Hamel’s Cinderella looks like she literally stepped out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie. So flawless, so graceful, so incredibly beautiful.

8. Ariel
Most people wear a red wig when trying to cosplay as Ariel, but we really love how Hamel chose to play up the other colors of Ariel’s outfit in her costume. The fork in her hair is just the cherry on top!