Matchy-Matchy: 11 Times When Things Got Completely Lost In The Background

It’s no secret that we are surrounded by patterns of all kinds. We live in a truly versatile world filled with various color combinations and ornaments, but sometimes those patterns match in an almost mysterious way. Can you imagine a seat in the bus looking exactly like your shirt? Or the color of a bathroom floor matching the color of your shoes in such a way that they literally become invisible? Well, you might not believe us, but these things happen all the time! Nature can be diverse in creating its patterns, but we humans often get lazy and don’t mind some of them repeating over and over again. Here are 11 times when things got completely lost in the surroundings.



The shoes are completely gone! No Photoshop needed.



Can one company be manufacturing both shirts and bowls? Because the patterns are alarmingly similar!

That awkward moment when the carpet in your office looks exactly like your stockings.



That moment when the floor tries to devour your feet. Eeks!

No woman wants to experience the horror of entering a bus only to see all the seats looking exactly like her dress. This is appalling!



Can you wear a floor and still look gorgeous? Well, apparently, you can.

Can you see a woman here? Take a closer look and try again!



The matching patterns are all around us, you just need to look attentively.

Flowers seem to be growing right out of this woman’s dress! It’s one of the weirdest illusions we’ve ever seen.



Now this wallet here does look like it was made from the seat’s cover. It’s a perfect match!

This might very well be the most perfect pattern ever!