Michelle Obama Wore Thigh High Sparkly Balenciaga Boots And Everyone Went Wild

Michelle Obama recently wore sparkly thigh high Balenciaga boots to her New York book tour event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and everyone went wild. It was as if Christmas came early. The crowd was cheering, the media can’t stop talking about it and the internet probably won’t be able to calm down for a month! Let’s talk about that.



Michelle Obama has a very interesting and unusual life. She was the first black First Lady of the United States and that made her a hero and inspiration to many as well as a massive target for criticism. She’s been criticized for pretty much everything she does and how she does it. She’s been accused of being graceless, boring, caring too much about the American diet, not looking “like the First Lady”, exercising too much or too little, wearing stuff that’s predictable and safe or trying too hard… the list goes on. But Michelle always met that criticism with composure, respect and grace. She acted like the jabs didn’t reach her or the accusations didn’t hurt, she tried her best to reach the bar that was set for her, even though it was constantly moving.



Being the First Lady isn’t easy to begin with, you’re constantly dealing with a crazy amount of scrutiny.Throughout her time as the First Lady she had to be careful with what she wore and what message it sent out, she had to think ahead about every single outfit. Things had to fit just right and be both flattering and chic yet move naturally, allow her full range of movement and not look like she’s trying too hard. That’s a thin line to walk.

Michelle has previously shared that she had a stylist that would roll in racks full of garments with her every month and they spent hours trying them on and making sure they look good, fit right, are appropriate and pass the squat, lunge and pinwheel test. On top of that Michelle also made sure to give new and talented designers a chance, because she knew that could change their life. When you think about it, that’s a lot of hoops to jump through and things to think about every day when you’re getting dressed. You’re inevitably limited by what you can and can’t wear.



So now that she’s no longer in the White House Michelle Obama has the freedom to wear whatever she wants and not care about the message. In fact, she’s been dressing very differently to what we’re used to. She can be sporty, she can be glam, she’s definitely very fashion forward. So why did she wear those thigh-high sparkly Balenciaga boots? Maybe because she was gonna be interviewed by everyone’s favorite Sex and the City fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe it’s because she’s now free to dress how she wants. Maybe she wanted to make a statement. But when asked by Sarah Jessica Parker about it Michelle said “There is no message. They were just really cute. I was like, those some nice boots!”