Photos That Show The Insane Difference Between Instagram And Real Life

Social media can be deceptive. You see one glamorous, prepared, and ultra-filtered shot that was probably someone’s thousandth selfie. It’s a warped image of reality, and often reality is actually way more of a hoot than trying to be perfect on Instagram. Here are some life struggles that are way more relatable than a skinny, tan travel blogger’s account.



When eating healthy is always a goal on your to-do list, but the organic stuff at your supermarket is so expensive, and eating healthy is so much less fun than eating dessert for every meal.



When you see Megan Fox’s wake up selfie and feel inspired to post your own, because confidence. But then you realize you look like a mental patient and that if you want to look like Megan Fox just waking up, you have to walk around a Sephora for hours.

When bae says he’s taking you out on a romantic date night and you dream of all the Cinderella possibilities but then get taken to a fast food joint.

When social media makes baking look so easy and delicious, but then that desired result is always undercooked, melted, or in some hideous mush form. Whatever, still going to eat it.



When “insta-lips” sounds really sexy and glamorous, but in real life don’t work and make you look like you have a viral disease hanging off your lips.

When you’re trying to get the eyebrows and contour on fleek, but these Youtube tutorials are too damn hard and the lighting in your room is not on point so you only get it right after the thousandth try.

When a fancy pasta dinner on a Sunday night sounds really adult and sophisticated, but ingredients are expensive, and the store is far from bed.



When you dancing at the club on a Friday and just trying to feel yourself, but a harsh reality has always got to get in the way of your Beyonce goddess vibes.

When you’re at the house party and the best-looking dude is actually a pizza pie hiding on the kitchen counter – group selfies are overrated. Bet all those people were super hungry.

When you try to do that sexy hair flip and it doesn’t come out that great.



When you’re doing yoga and you think you just nailed that perfect tree pose during sunset, but pull a hamstring.

When you take out the contents of the hotel mini bar and zoom in real close to make them look like full size bottles.